4 Ways To Sleep Right In Lower Back Pain

One of the most common of all sleeping positions is sleeping on your side. According to the surveys that were conducted about 1000 people preferably slept in their sides. This is especially at peak when they suffer from lower back pains. One can also take the help of memory foam knee pillow to help them in this sleeping position. There are people who are a lot more comfortable in sleeping on their side instead of their back or stomach, so this does not make them a flawless solution here.

When you consider sleeping on your sides it can lead to having achy hips and backs as they does pull your hips and spine completely out of their own alignment here. Even knee pain is aggravated through this sleeping position. This is why it is recommended to have a pillow made of memory foam which will provide great comfort to you.

1. Adjusting Your Sleeping Posture

The sleeping position which you go for is the factor that leads to your back pain here. While you are in your resting state you want to be conscious enough for the position of your spine so, you need to keep it completely neutral here.

● You can evenly distribute the weight of your body when you sleep on your back as this makes up the best sleeping posture for you. It also reduces the amount of pressure points that you might well be experiencing from side sleeping as sleeping on your back with the help of knee pillow will serve as the best remedy here.
● Sleeping on your side is another great position especially for people with lower back pain. You can well get your mid neck well aligned with your shoulders and pelvis is what the reason that works here.

2. Check Your Posture While Heading Out of Bed

You need to ensure that you are getting out of bed pretty carefully and in a correct manner as jerking yourself out of bed quickly can well exacerbate your lower back pain here.

3. Using Hot or Cold Therapiesprior heading to Bed

You can well bring a lot of relied to your back pain before bed when you use hot or cold elements. You can well take a warm shower or hot bath and use a heating pad or hot water bottle over the affected area for at least 15-20 minutes before bed as this could well include ice or a cold get pack wrapped in cloth.

Before you head to sleep on a memory foam knee pillow, the hot or cold therapy can well help to reduce your inflammation that is caused due to your back pain.

4. Get Hold of The Best Mattress and Pillows For Back Rest

People who are suffering from lower back pain, there is not a single type of mattress or pillow that is going to work here similar to the sleeping positions here. You need to have a firm mattress with everlasting comfort memory foam knee pillow to help alleviate the pain.

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