Benefits Of Motorcycle Sheds: Keeping Your Ride Safe and Secure

Cruising around with your precious beast on freeways is a feeling only a few people can understand. Riding your motorcycle down the empty county roads takes your stress away & gives you a much-needed break from regular life. But you can’t just let your motorbike sit in the open. They are robustly built but need a dedicated resting place, too. In that case, how about you consider a metal shed for your motorcycle? Here are a few advantages to convince you.

Some Advantages of Motorcycle Sheds Are as Follows

Motorcycle Is Protection Against Theft

A motorcycle left open is a subject of view for every passerby, including those keen to have one. That’s not good news for you. The metal shed will act as a shield against prying eyes in that case.

Not just that, your motorcycle is also secured from external damage such as a falling tree branch or direct hit by any kid playing baseball.

Motorcycle Is Safe from Elements

Your ride needs to be safe from outdoor weather conditions. Hails can break side mirrors or scratch the paint surface. Further, excess heat can cause the engine to get warm. When exposed to harsh sunrays, rubber tires deteriorate, and plastic becomes brittle.  

Cold and snow can make it hard to start or may even lead to a frozen fuel line. Further, road salts and water can cause corrosion and rust metal motorcycle parts. A steel shed will safeguard your bike from weather and outdoor climate conditions.

Motorcycles Need Less Repairs

Since your motorcycle is indoors and in shade when not in use, it is well protected. So, your ride is always ready to hit the road whenever you like. There will be less damage and repair, hence saving you plenty of money.

Your motorcycle insurance company will also consider that you have a dedicated parking place, thereby cutting back on your coverage when your bike is being stored. This might earn you a premium discount.

Steel Motorcycle Sheds Stable Structures

A galvanized steel bike shed is a durable and long-lasting structure. They do not rot or decay with time. They are neither subjected to pests, insects, or termites nor prone to fire breakouts. High-quality galvanized steel is also resistant to rusting. That means your shed’s structural strength will last long.

The best part is that a metal shed takes less yard space than a garage. In addition, you may not even need to file for a permit.

Metal Motorcycle Outdoor Storage Is Easy to Assemble

You see, most of the raw materials of a steel shed are designed, cut, and drilled in the manufacturing facilities. So, at the construction site, they just need to be installed. They take less time and labor. These are also 100% recyclable materials.

For regions prone to heavy storms, seismic activities, and extreme weather, a concrete slab or perimeter may be asked to be installed by your local zoning laws.

Can You Get a Diy Motorcycle Storage Solution?

Yes, as a matter of fact, many steel builders offer DIY storage kits that you can install on your own. However, if you have needed to handle any construction project before, it would be best to hire an installation team to ensure that your metal shed is built with quality workmanship.

What Size Motorcycle Outdoor Storage Shed Should You Buy?

The average size of a motorcycle is 3 ft. wide x 8 ft. long x 5 ft. high. So, if you only want a storage shed for parking one motorcycle, you can buy a steel shed that is at least 6 to 8 inches more than the motorcycle’s dimensions. Some general sizes are:

  • 6 ft. x 8 ft.: It can fit a bike and its spare parts.
  • 10 ft. x 10 ft.
  • 8 ft. x 10 ft.
  • 8 ft. x 12 ft.
  • 12 ft. x 12 ft.: It fits bike & some storage.

You can install a bigger one as well. The precise size depends on no. of motorcycles you own and their width and height. You can buy a larger shed too. It will make a great storage space, along with parking your ride.

Note: In the majority of cases, building a shed that is not meant for living or business and is less than 200 sq. ft. does not require you to file for any permit. However, we still recommend that you check in with your local authority about details.

Some Other Uses of A Motorcycle Outdoor Storage Are:

Motorcycle Shed & Workshop

You can choose a metal shed of 12 x 20 where you can shelter your bike as well as use the remaining areas as a workshop. You can install magnetic board, pegboard, or some cabinets for tools. Ensure that your door has a good lock, too.

Showroom + Shed

Do you own a collection of motorcycles that are vintage, collectible, or expensive? If yes, you can convert your steel shed into a showroom. You can then keep some repair and maintenance items in the shed as well.

Shed + Living Room

Want to make your bike shed Pinterest-worthy? A metal shed with a concrete floor stained to look like wood and a painted interior wall will do it. You can even hang some spare parts as a décor piece. Further, you can park your motorcycle(s) in a specific area and then use a couch & table on the other side.

Your Favorite Motorcycle Brand-Inspired Shed

Are you a proud owner of a Harley-Davidson, Honda, or Kawasaki? You can select an exterior color or two-tone paint that resembles your bike. You can have a little nook in the shed where you can hang out with your friends.

Let Your Brains’ Creative Juices Flow

Not only can a metal shed park your motorcycle, but it can also be used as a writing or art studio. On one side, you have your beloved beauty; on the other, you can nurture your passion. You can leave your incomplete project without a need to clean up after each session. Once completed, you can hang them on display.

For The Most Part

A metal shed will protect your motorcycle from theft and environmental disasters and increase its longevity. Beside a door, you can customize your shed to have a window for air circulation & natural light. However, depending upon the kind of neighborhood, you should be conscious of having a window open towards the street.

Further, insulation will become crucial if you choose to spend some time in it. You can also install a pegboard and foldable desk with some storage racks to keep spare parts and bike cleaning & repairing tools.

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