How to Find Competitor Website and How to Check Backlinks of a Website

Backlinks are the indispensable part of Search Engine Optimization. Spying out the backlink profile of your competitors will not only allow you to perform better. It will also allow you to get 20% more links to your website. Therefore, if you need to drive more traffic to your site, then you have to think of your leading competitors right now. Here are some easy and effective ways for How to Check Backlinks of a Website of your top competitors.

Before we learn about How to Check Backlinks of a Website, let us check different types of competitors-

Domain-Level Competitors-

These sites compete with you in the SERP. These sites do not just compete with one or or two search terms, but for too many search terms. To find the domain-level competitors. Go to Site Explorer- enter your domain- competing domains
Here you will get the list of competing domains sorted by number of common keywords.

Page-level competitors-

These are not competitors overall, but still compete with you on every page for specific keywords. To find the page-level competitors, pick the page on your website, then paste the primary keyword for which you are trying to rank.
There are chances of overlapping between domain-level and page-level competitors.

1. Identify the competitors

To get started, first, you need to identify your leading competitors. You go to Google, enter your focus keyword that is vital in your SEO strategy, and see where you stand and where your competitors stand. Do not worry about their ranking, whether it is higher or lower than yours is. All you need to consider the traffic they are getting that you are not getting. This means that you need to pay more attention to those competitors that occupy the first page of Google.

2. Check the status of the website

Once you identified your top competitors, you need to do some more homework. This includes:
First, check the site to ensure that Google is indexing it. If you see results displaying on the SERP, it means the website is being indexed and it has not been penalized.
Second, perform a link profile review on the site of your competitors to ensure your link profile is at its best.
Finally, create a master worksheet for reference purposes. Ensure your spreadsheet contains two important columns, such as Link and Replicated.

3. Analyze the links

Now it is time to copy the strategies and the links of your competitors and analyze them. There are countless tools to help you achieve this, so to make the most of the backlinks of your competitors, you can do a simple analysis and detect precisely which links are performing the best work. Here are some most effective ways to analyze the backlinks.

  • Enter the URL of your competitor by copying and pasting it in the search box. This will aid you considerably in eliminating the potential for a typo.
  • Steer to the backlinks part, where you can find the Referring page URL or Referring page Title of each backlink identifying the website. You create a .csv file and export the list of backlinks.
  • Now, sort the results according to the strategy you desire to use. This will give you a general idea of where you can start your link building endeavors.
  • Review All Linking Sites
  • When it comes to discovering new link opportunities, competitor study is one of the primary things you are supposed to do. With a long list of websites before you, you need to visit each website to study the linking opportunity.
  • Think about link types

Consider the links by their types, such as:

  • Image links
  • Text links
  • Form links
  • Frame links

Among these links, Text links are the most common ones, but you should not ignore other opportunities, as well. You can learn similar techniques in a best digital marketing institute in Gurgaon.

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