All that You Need to Know about Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad is one of the biggest metropolitan cities of India, and is additionally the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. This is really the fourth most crowded city inside the nation which has a drawn out history beginning from the period of Chalukyas and Khiljis. The customary title of Hyderabad was Golconda and the eminent Kohinoor diamond was found very much here. Hyderabad is likewise acclaimed for its bangles and pearls. Let’s give you a quickie about this abode of the Nizams.


Being an important metropolitan city of India, Hyderabad boasts of a sound infrastructure, as well as easily accessible modes of transport. Since it has one of the best airports in India, finding immediate Ahmedabad to Hyderabad flights won’t be much of a hassle. Similarly, the rail routes and road services are equally efficient to make your journey not only safe, but also convenient, smooth, and a lot more enjoyable.

Landmarks and Iconic Structures

The properties and landmarks of Hyderabad reflect the Indo-Islamic architectural style. The enormous openings of Golconda fort and Charminar bear affirmation to the architectural pattern of the Qutb Shahi administration of fifteenth century. Different spots of interest in Hyderabad that happen to be well worth looking at are Mecca Masjid, Charminar, Falaknuma Palace, Purani Haveli, Chowmahalla Palace and King Kothi Palaces. Apart from these do not forget to visit the Laad Bazaar and some perfume markets present in the city, to pamper your senses exactly like a Nizam.

Food and Dining

The eateries in Hyderabad offer Hyderabadi food and they’re very well known throughout the world. Come on, who doesn’t drool at the mere mention of Hyderabadi Biryani and kebabs? This sort of food has hot and fiery rice, wheat and meat recipes. They can be said similar to the blend of this Mughlai and Arabic food and is additionally propelled by the French, Turkish and Irani dinners. Some of the most famous, and insanely delicious food of Hyderabad incorporate names like Hyderabadi Biriyani, Hyderabadi Haleem, Qubani Ka Meetha, Double Ka Meetha and Kaddu Ki Kheer. Beside serving Hyderabadi cooking, there are heaps of multi-cuisine eateries in Hyderabad that offer various types of food choices which will fulfill the taste buds of everyone, despite the regional disparities.

Lodging and Conveniences

To make your stay memorable as well comfortable, you must be aware of the best hotels in Hyderabad. Although a typical Hyderabad travel guide would help you with the same, but still, you must know that there are a few five star, three star and economy class inns, reliably disseminated across the city. They have their own one of a kind duties and fortes. As a consequence of higher populace and higher inflow of vacationers and business people, the hotel industry is one of the continually expanding commercial ventures in Hyderabad. The sumptuous lodgings are really the choice of refined business people and remote guests and these have all cutting edge administrations.

This was a quickie to all the essential aspects about Hyderabad, and is just the tip of the iceberg. True fun lies in exploring the place, not just virtually, but by being actually present there. So, what are you waiting for? Plan, pack up, and collect memories worth cherishing for life.

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