Make Your Kids Enjoy the Best of Dodgeball Leeds

The game of dodgeball is extremely popular among kids and youths alike. Playing the game is an absolute pleasure for those participating as well for those enjoying from outside the court. The premise is to hit the opposition team’s players with the ball. To do that, balls are thrown with full speed and intensity to do the trick and bring home points. You can take your kids to a nearby park to have trampolining and dodgeball Leeds together for double delights.

The game is intense, immersive and something that makes players go crazy with enjoyment. The real joy lies in beating and hitting the players and accumulating points and praises in equal measures. There are many factors that make dodgeball such an amazingly popular sports worldwide. The end result is a total blast when it’s played on the spongy and padded surface.

Let’s have a look at how mixing dodgeball and spongy surface increases the level of delights:

No fear of falling or being hurt

With the soft surface beneath, your falls are nothing more than gentle touches and caresses to the limps. Knowing that, you throw everything in the game and squeeze the maximum out of it. You show amazing skills that would not be possible while playing on cemented or concrete-bound surfaces.

Your air-borne tricks and wizardry

The game is such that it needs a whole lot of ducking and escaping and evasive measures to stop the ball/s from hitting you. You got to stay out of the ‘harm’s way’ and going aerial is a weapon to be used with great relish. You can mislead the ball thrower by either going up in the air or throwing the body down wisely to let the ball miss you.

Your defending is of top-notch

The game of dodgeball calls for amazing reflexes and body movements to duck the ball and romp home with a memorable win. It’s the defending skills that make the difference to the fortune of competing teams. With spongy and soft surfaces around, you defend like a SPIDERMAN, literally! You do exhibit flashes of brilliance at every throw of the ball to stun the rivals into submission.

You immediately join any level or an open game

Flexibility of options is the best part about playing the game of dodgeball at a park with trampolines around. The moment you enter the arena, you either join an already-progressing game, or choose to wait and play with any team of choice. If the heart desires, you can bring in the friends and give them run for money. A whole array of choices are with you to have fun with the game.


It’s quite obvious that kids and youths alike have great fun playing their favourite game of dodgeball. They get big doses of excitement and thrills in defeating opponents and winning points galore. The level of joy crosses the ceiling when the game is planned to be played in any indoor trampoline park London. In doing so, any barrier in falling or jumping or hopping is lifted to add more fun to the game.

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