Do It Yourself — Making Talking Greeting Cards

If you are planning to make your beloved ones happy and make them smile for a while then Talking Greeting Cards are the best thing you can give them. If you make them by yourself, then it’s like adding feathers to someone’s cap. Here, we will discuss a few tricks for developing a fantastic talking greeting card on our own. For this, we need to follow the three simple steps as mentioned in the below-bulleted points.

  • Preparation of the Greeting Card:

First, take the print of the lovely design that you want to put as the greeting card. It will not take much time to make the greeting card once you are done with the printout. Now, the trimming tool and edging tool will play the main roles in decorating the greeting card. Put the greeting card over the white page and cut it off properly in the form of borders around the card. Now, remove the marks that you might have put while cutting. Now, with the help of a ruler and pencil take, the measurement and point the crease. Now fold the creased line inside to finish the preparation of the greeting card.

  • Installation of the Sound Module:

After the completion of the greeting card, now we need to fix the audio device that will produce the desired recorded sound while opening the greeting card. The module will have an adhesive strip along with the plain plastic one at the back of the sound model. Now the model will have a triangular shape marked at two points that must lie over the crease of the greeting card at the left side at the inner section of the greeting card. Now, we need to be very careful while pasting the sound module at the proper location as per the description of the module. We have the option of customizing the sound as well if one desires to.

  • Final finishing touch:

Finally, the most important step of making the talking greeting card comes, i.e., the final addition to your greeting card. After the installation of the sound module, the talking greeting card is almost done. You need to seal the greeting card using dual sided tape or an adhesive. Don’t let the dual-sided tape cover your sound module. At last, we need to cut the extra border after fixing the sound module and sealing the greeting card.

Hence, you are done with the greeting card that will speak your words. Giving Talking Greeting Cards is the best way to make someone smile with a kind of heart-touching effort that will express your feelings deep insides from your heart. Also, it is not that tough, we need to follow a few simple steps, and your greeting card is ready that the best way of delivering the message is. You can gift these greeting cards to your family members, or relatives and also to your friends.

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