The Secrets to Putting on a Swimming Cap Just Like a Pro

Wearing a swimming cap can help you conquer another lap. Either you’re competing or taking a casual day swim, you can never go wrong by grabbing a swimming cap along with you. 

Not only that it helps every swimmer to reduce the drag in the water, but it also secures their hair perfectly into place. And if you’re very much in love with taking extra care for your hair, wearing a swimming cap before taking a dip in the pool should be one of the first things you would want to do. 

But generally, swimming cap benefits both the swimmers and the pool owners. How? Come to think of it – by wearing a swimming cap, swimmers can boost their performance in the water and at the same time, there will less likely have falling hair strands that may clog the pool filter. 

And since many people are having a hard time wearing a swimming cap, here’s an article that unfolds the secrets to putting it on like an expert. So, look no further and figure out these tips for yourself. 

Swimming caps

Swimming caps are a piece of swimming essential that helps professional or competitive swimmers reduce the drag in the water, which results in a shorter period of finishing the lap.

Today, personalised swim caps are slowly becoming a trend. Why? It’s because, with personalised swim caps, you may have your preferred material to use for your personalised swim cap, the design of your choice, the size that best and comfortably fits your head, and so on.

For casual swimmers, wearing swimming caps must be a practice too. It’s because wearing swimming caps helps protect the hair and scalp from possible damage and buildups.  

Key factors to do before putting on a swimming cap

Cut your fingernails short and see to it that they aren’t craggy.

Long and sharp objects may easily tear the swimming caps. So, when putting on swimming caps, see to it that your fingernails are short and aren’t craggy. 

Long fingernails might catch the hair strands as you put on the swimming cap and the swimming cap too. 

Take off every piece of jewellery that you have.

Aside from your long and craggy fingernails, any jewellery that you’re wearing might also rip your swimming cap apart. That’s why it’s better to keep your ring, bracelets, and even your earrings safe in your bag before putting on a swimming cap. 

Tie your hair up in a clean and tight bun using elastic hair ties.

If you want to make the process of wearing a swimming cap less stressful, you might want to tie your hair up in a clean and tight bun with the help of elastic hair ties first. A loose hair will make it harder to put on a swimming cap as the hair strands may slip out anytime. 

Slightly wet your hair with water after securing it in a clean bun.

One simple trick to put on a swimming cap easier and smoother is to wet your hair with water first. You may run for a quick dip in the pool or sprinkle your hair with water in the shower area. 

The secrets to putting on a swimming cap

Open the swimming cap wide enough and stretch it good.

After doing the pre-procedures, it’s time to get your swimming cap ready for action. Before you slip it on your head, open the swimming cap wide enough and stretch it good. Also, see to it that your fingers are on its sides. 

Go through the forehead first, then pull it over your hair, and down to the nape of the neck.

Then slowly put on the swimming cap going through your forehead first. Make adjustments as needed as possible, then make your way to your hair and slowly get down to the nape of the neck.

Tuck in the hair strands inside the swimming cap. 

Don’t get too excited after having your swimming cap all over your head because you might still want to tuck in the extra hair strands inside the swimming cap for a complete and neat look. 

Now that you successfully learned the secrets to wearing swimming caps like an expert, would you still shrug off the idea of wearing one every time you go for a swim?

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