Small Yard Landscaping: 10 Creative Solutions For Your Tiny Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t want a sprawling mansion with a vast landscape for gardening, installing fountains and fishponds, and building a gazebo? Owning a wide lot is every homeowner’s dream. However, not all of us are blessed with such a luxurious feature. 

So what if your yard isn’t big enough? Just because you have a little yard space doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream greenery project – or something close to that. There are landscaping ideas for all lot shapes and sizes – including your small yard square footage. 

If you’re planning to decorate a yard that impresses, here are 10 small yard landscaping ideas worth checking out. 

1. Think layers

Maximize your small backyard space with a layered landscape. 

We’re not just talking about building staircases – think about using ground covers, bulb, crevice, and columnar plants, and a few stones to create a lovely layered landscape while making the most of your flower bed space. Don’t forget to sketch out a design before planting colorful fruits, flowers, and succulents so they’ll all look pretty when they bloom.  

2. Use walls and fences

Do you want to include some privacy in your small yard landscaping while increasing visual appeal? Utilize surrounding structures like fences and walls. You may also put some vines and trailing plants to add life to your walls and fences. 

3. Hop onto the vertical garden trend

Running out of ground space? Grow your plants vertically to create a garden space out of thin air.  

Vertical gardens are a popular trend in small yard ideas. Think about installing lovely wall planters, having a decorative living wall, or utilizing a small pergola for hanging plants. 

4. Create hanging planters

Hanging planters aren’t just a smart space-saver – they’re also beautiful to look at. 

You can be crafty without spending a dime by recycling your plastic bottles and repurposing jars and mugs, birdcages, old wicker baskets, and even your old chandelier. 

5. Beautify your windows with window boxes

Window boxes help take your curb appeal to the next level without taking up a single square footage. Traditionally, you may attach them beneath your windows and grow vivid blooms. You may also place them on a porch, put them around the perimeter of your patio, or hang them from a deck railing. 

6. Spruce up your yard with miniature gardens

Don’t let your dream of planting a tree and a full-packed garden be compromised just because you have the smallest yard in the world. Bonsai trees, dwarf plants, terrariums, and fairy gardens are just miniature garden ideas you might love. 

They are often kept indoors in cold climates but you can put them outside during summer, in a protected location that’s not exposed to too much direct sunlight. 

7. Grow dwarf plants

Speaking of miniatures, you can also grow dwarf plants with interesting colors and textures. Depending on your location’s climate, you can find dwarf varieties of willow, pine, birch, fir, a pomegranate tree, conifers, and zinnias.

8. Grow plants that don’t take up too much space

Aside from investing in gardening decors that help maximize space, you can also grow plants that don’t take up a lot of space. 

  • Columnar plants – plants that grow straight up
  • Trailing plants – plants that run down the side of a planter or from the top of a wall. 
  • Crevice plants – Plants like sedum and other succulents make a perfect crevice plant since they are often on the lean and dry side. 

9. Use sleek yet cozy outdoor furniture

Turn your small front yard or backyard into a relaxing haven you’ll enjoy escaping to for some fresh air, sunlight, stunning views, and birds chirping. Set up a sleek yet cozy seating spot, where you can receive guests, read your favorite books, or unwind while having your morning coffee. 

10. Have a focal point

It can be a small waterfall fountain, a firepit, a fairy garden, a tiny outdoor bar, or a small seating spot near the fence. Having a small destination or a garden feature draws the eye’s attention and helps your outdoor space feel tidy, spacious, and inviting. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a passionate resident writer for Myard, a landscape design expert in Sydney Australia. When she’s not writing articles about home design, you can find her browsing home decor inspirations online to keep up with the latest trends.

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