Top 3 Concerns Female Clients Face with SMP

It is the goal of every PMU artist to adopt the appropriate approach and deliver a pleasant client experience. For that, you must understand the problems most women clients suffer from. 

  • For many women, hair loss is more than simply a physical issue; it’s an emotional problem that affects all parts of their lives.
  • The weight of sadness hovers as they look in the mirror, battling with the obligation of getting up early each morning to cover their thinning hair with fibers before heading out into the world.
  • The burden of humiliation and self-consciousness becomes an everyday occurrence.

Fortunately, SMP treatment shines as a light of hope, providing a revolutionary answer for women dealing with the emotional and practical issues of hair loss. 

This article investigates SMP’s efficacy in addressing three common female client concerns—general thinning, side thinning, and unique growth patterns such as cowlicks—providing insights into the effects of SMP and advice for PMU artists.

Which Issues Are Most Commonly Raised by Female SMP Clients?

As SMP artists, your skill is more than just generating visually beautiful work; it is also about understanding the clients’ real-world concerns. Beyond the strokes of your tools lies the genuine opportunity to change the realities of women clients who entrust you with their beauty enhancement. So, here are the most common concerns we have discovered among female customers dealing with hair loss.

#1: General Thinning

As women’s hair thins, the top or crown of their heads loses density, creating the appearance of pattern baldness. This has a huge impact on self-esteem. It frequently results in feelings of self-consciousness and lack of confidence.


In response to this emotional and cosmetic issue, SMP emerges as the ideal solution. Beyond being a treatment for restoring visible fullness to hair, it is a modern, all-in-one solution for female clientele wanting both aesthetic and emotional support. 

As a PMU artist, you can successfully conceal the effects of general thinning by deliberately placing dots of scalp pigments between the natural hair follicles, resulting in a lifelike simulation of thick and abundant hair of any length. 

SMP can effectively conceal general thinning in both short and long hair. However, the method must be adjusted to each client’s particular hairline and density. You should focus on precision and attention to detail for a seamless transition between existing hair and pigmented regions.


 A 100% increase in the client’s appearance and confidence.

#2: Thinning on the sides

Thinning on the sides, which generally begins at the temples and extends toward the ears, can cause concern for many women. This localized thinning presents unique issues because it affects not only the overall volume but also the framing of the face, heightening the emotional impact.


SMP has proven to be an extremely effective method for restoring a denser appearance in these areas. Its effectiveness is based on precise pigmentation.

Utilize a layering approach to mimic natural hair growth. We recommend that PMU artists work on gradient shading to ensure a smooth blend of colored and natural hair.


SMP not only generates a visual appearance of density by imitating the natural patterns of hair follicles, but it also restores female clients’ confidence and beauty.

#3 Cowlick at Back of the Scalp

A cowlick on the back of the scalp causes a distinct growth pattern, resulting in a visible spiral or vertical pattern, usually in the center. This distinct feature, while individualized, can be a nightmare for many women since it might resemble regional hair thinning, even if no thinning occurs.


SMP handles this by tailoring the pigmentation to improve the natural flow. SMP is more than just a cosmetic remedy; it is a source of self-expression. The pigment is selectively applied for each client to match and improve the natural growth pattern, providing a tailored treatment for women with cowlicks.

Handling the complexities of cowlicks can be difficult. PMU artists should be mindful of the direction in which hair grows, making sure that the color matches each cowlick’s distinct pattern. 

Suggestion: During consultations, you should talk about the creative approach and reassure your clients that their cowlicks would be enhanced rather than hidden.


SMP not only improves aesthetics but also gives women the confidence to accept and highlight the beauty of their unique hair patterns. Overall, your client’ will be very satisfied with the outcome.

Final Words

In the world of scalp micropigmentation (SMP), it’s crucial to understand what worries female clients. They’re not just concerned about how they look; they’re also dealing with emotions tied to hair loss. SMP can help restore their confidence by addressing issues like thinning hair and unique hair patterns like cowlicks. 

SMP can make a real difference in these women’s lives, helping them feel better about themselves and their appearance. If you find this guide informational, do share it with your fellow PMU artists. 


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