7 Manageable Ways to Brighten Up and Maximise A Small Space

Redecorating and maximising a small space is a complicated puzzle to solve for the majority of homeowners and/or renters.

But the truth is, filling up just enough room or revamping a small area doesn’t really have to be that stressful and time-consuming as it always seems.

You can make your home look brighter and more spacious than it actually is by only following or considering some easy interior design techniques that actually work for small spaces.

So, if you’re looking for bits of advice on how to transform your small home into a brighter and totally roomy one, you may refer to this article for some assistance.

Dig in and enjoy the next few pages and find out the simplest but beneficial tips you can use to redecorate and reconstruct your small space into a livelier and bigger-looking place.

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Set your wall in white

Oftentimes, the wrong choice of wall paint colour worsens the situation of small areas.

Dark or bold wall paints absorb or steal away the brightness and space of small areas.

That’s why when choosing a new wall paint for your home, you’re advised to incorporate a white wall paint.

Your walls can instantly get the kind of glow-up it deserves once it’s painted with white wall paint.

But don’t stop with white walls and try maximising the space by having more of white elements in your home such as white beddings, white curtains, white decorations, white pieces of furniture, and more.

If you’re not into white wall paint, you can check these best colours of wall paint for small spaces: 15 Paint Colors That Make A Small Space Feel Massive

Decorate your wall with pieces of artwork

Opting for a plain white wall might seem a little boring and empty.

But don’t worry because you can give it a completely brighter and fancier look by gracing it with different pieces of artwork.

You can either go with an art gallery wall or a one-piece artwork to beautify your small space.

Having different pieces of artwork in various shapes, sizes, and colours is a fun way of adding accents to your walls.

Use colourful, statement rugs on dark hardwood or laminate floorings

Who knows that colourful and/or patterned rugs can also help brighten up and maximise a small space?

Well, stuffing your floor, especially on dark hardwood or laminate floorings, with a playful, statement rugs can make the room look more cheerful and inviting.

However, if your main goal is to truly maximise the space and make your home look a lot bigger, you can choose white-coloured statement rugs as well.

Make use of thin, light-coloured curtains

Thick and dark-coloured curtains actually block the natural light and prevent the artificial light from scattering around a small space.

With that, make use of curtains that are thinner and light-coloured to give your room a brighter and fresher look.

The thinner the curtains, the more chance the natural light can get in any small space which will make it appear bigger than it really is.

Also, thin curtains help scatter the light throughout a small space which is a good way to make the room more spacious and welcoming.

Brighten up your home by welcoming in more natural light

Although updating or modernising your bulb lights into a “true white” bulb would do, you’re still advised to welcome in more natural light.

Natural daylight creates an illusion of a much larger and brighter space whether it’s in the living area, kitchen and dining room, bedroom, and even in the bathroom.

If you’re aiming for a warmer or cosier style, you can have warmer, yellow bulb lights as well.

Add more metallic decors; copper, gold, rose gold, silver, etc.

Embellishing a small space with the appropriate decorations and pieces of furniture also helps your redecoration plan or process to be easier and faster.

To brighten up your small space, don’t forget to utilise more metallic decorations such as copper, gold, rose gold, silver, and etc.

Metallic decors or furniture add a luxurious atmosphere in the area regardless if its a large room or a small space.

Metallic decors like vases, mirrors, frames, accents, and so on can help reflect light across any small room or space.

With the furniture, you can have industrial chairs as the accent of the area as well as an alternative to bulky couches.

You can get your industrial chairs in different designs and colours to make it more playful and conversation starter.

Make indoor plants as part of your home decor

If you’re looking for an easier way to brighten up your small space and make it more inviting for your guest, don’t disregard the idea of stuffing the area with greeneries or indoor plants.

Making it as home decors, indoor plants will definitely save up your time and money as it will instantly brighten up your small space while giving fresh, clean air.

But not just that, indoor plants are also a good choice for filling in empty nooks or unused corners.

You can also get creative and playful by placing indoor plants on a console table, empty shelves, unused ladders, above the shoe racks or make it as your centrepiece.

Don’t miss this list of the best indoor plants to have for a small space.


  • Air plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Bird’s nest firm
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Dracaena
  • Ficus bonsai tree
  • Ficus Danielle
  • Happy bean plant
  • Iron plant
  • Monstera deliciosa
  • Peace lily
  • Philodendron green
  • Pothos
  • Red prayer plant
  • Rubber tree
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Zebra plant
  • ZZ plant

Conclusive thoughts:

A lively and welcoming home is literally some kind of a place anyone would want to wake up to and go home to.

If you’re aiming to brighten up and make the most of your small space, don’t hesitate to apply what you’ve read in this article.

If you have some home redecoration or small home reconstruction tips or stories, we’re pleased to hear it from you.

So, don’t forget to give us a nudge and share it with us and our fellow readers.

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