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Arkhi-Tekton, a Greek word, is the origin of the word Architect. Arkhi means chief, and Tekton was called who builders were. However, in recent days or past, architecture is not only about the structure. It is the complete package from the foundation of a building to the decoration view and surroundings. The structure part needs to follow the science, as it will face a lot of trouble due to wind, gravity, and earthquake. However, decoration, flooring, designing is a package of art. Thus, this is a mixture of science and art at the same time.

In the 1980s, the whole complexity of a building, ( it would be structural or designs or services ) brought under the section of architecture. From that point, architecture becomes a massive aspect of the improvement in the human lifestyle. An architect got permission to design the spaces of human life where everyone can plan their lifestyle easily. Here are Best Architecture Colleges In Delhi

However, studying architecture needs some qualification. Eligibility for a student is mainly having a background with mathematics and physics. Additionally, interest in designing and creativity is a plus point for the student to be more suitable for this course.

How To Get Admission In Architecture Courses?

Anybody who has a background in physics, mathematics, and chemistry at 10+2 is eligible for the course. However, to get admission, every student needs to qualify through one of the two tests. The first one is the NATA. Another one is JEE main paper two. These are the first option to choose for getting admission in any colleges in India. As both of them are all India based written test. For undergraduate, it is a five years course. Though, for the postgraduate architecture curse, it is only 18 months or 24 months. However, to get admission for post-graduation, one needs to go through CEED or GATE. And the eligibility is always a bachelor’s degree in architecture or civil engineering.
Moreover, every year a considerable amount of money is invested in the construction sector. Additionally, the requirement of a good architect is more than available architect right now. The vacancy is not only from the private sector. Govt sector or construction is always looking for another architect to join them for their next project. According to media and students and companies, Delhi is the best place to study architecture.

Professional Options After Graduation In Architecture

The physical appearance of any nation reflects its growth and prosperity towards the world. For getting that appearance, the government always depends on the construction industry. Now, we see our economy developing at an accelerated pace and to a substantial extent. The construction industry provides to its advantage. The construction business needs skilled planners as well as constructors. We now observe that time has changed a lot. From the essential requirement of housing and shelter, our focus has now shifted on comfort, luxury, and style. This has led to improved avenues for those who want to make their profession in this division. Here are Top Architecture Colleges In Delhi

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