Chewing Gum: Good Or Bad For Your Smile?

Our childhood would have been different if there would not be chewing gum. Without it, we would have loved it so much that even today most of the mouths are never idle. But as people are becoming more and more health conscious, a simple question is disturbing their mind i.e. is gum chewing harmful for their smile or not? Well, a simple answer is chewing gum is quite unhealthy for teeth and gums.

But, it also depends on the type of chewing gum you are chomping. Gum consisting of sugar can be the only reason to evoke cavities and tooth decay. On the other hand, gums that are sugar-free or artificially sweetened can have adverse effects. Not only with a minty fresh breath but that gum will help in removing bacteria and food particles from your teeth. But how?

# How Gum Helps in Cleaning Your Teeth?

Chewing a sugar-free gum possibly helps in neutralizing the acids that lead to eliminating bacteria and food particles from your teeth. This act results in protecting your tooth enamel.

Did you know, gum chewing provokes the production of saliva. More saliva means effective washing away of food particles and bacteria which can become a reason to erosion. Recent studies have shown that chewing a gum just after a meal can diminish the chances of attracting tooth decay.

# Suffering from Dry Mouth? A Gum Can Help

Many of the people suffer from dry mouth problem, also known as xerostomia. It can be caused due to numerous reasons such as medications, cancer treatments, smoking and other health conditions. Never ignore this problem as these symptoms can cause tartar buildup, yeast infections and tooth decay. As gum chewing helps in the production of saliva, in the case of dry mouth, it can surely help. Consult a professional dentist in severe condition and discuss regarding the same.

How to Choose the Right Gum?

Looking around for a sugar-free alternative to regular gum can be a little daunting. While searching for no sugar in a chewing gum, also look for the American Dental Association Seal of Approval. That’s right! Even the ADA puts a seal of approval for gums those are healthy for your smile. They strengthen the enamel and prevents gingivitis and decay problems.

However, if you love gum chewing so much, why not chomping on a gum that keeps cavities and decay at bay. But, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, do not ignore visiting top dentist Middle Village every six months for routine checkups.



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