Diary of a little princess’s Lollipop’s birthday party … and a secret confession

The best decision I made

This morning I woke up later than usual. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as stressed or anxious thinking about the day ahead because the day had arrived….my daughter’sbirthday party. Whilst drinking my morning coffee I patted myself on the back.Birthday cake…check, RSVP’s…. check, decorations…. check.  Luckily, that was all that was on my list because I had booked her birthday party at our local play centre, Lollipop’s, and it was probably the best decision I had made all week! You know what that means, no buying excessive amounts of food for 4-year old’s… and their parents.

Let me tell you, last year was a disaster! I had jelly mushed into my carpet which was not easy to get out and the party had to be moved indoors because the weather was dreadful. You can only imagine how stressful it was and by the end of the day I was exhausted, and my house was a mess. But today I do not even have to worry about that, and the hardest part of my day will be to drag her away from her party at the end!

The Party Life Savers…and more coffee!

We were trying to decide what party room theme she would like… perhaps a Jungle Party, a Beach Party….no, Knights and Fairies it was! The staff made this happen. The Lollipop’s team even looked after the parents by giving us the option to open a café tab and hooked us up with barista made coffee. These Life Savers knew what we needed, and promptly delivered.

As soon as my daughter saw her party room, her eyes lit up and all she wanted to do was play and enjoy her day.

From the very start, the team made my family and most importantly my daughter feel welcomed and provided excellent customer service on her special day. They really went above and beyond by to make her birthday experience something she would never forget.

All I could think when the party started was thank goodness, we didn’t have to organise the whole party at our house again – you remember what happened the last time! Lollipops was awesome, and the party package I chose was the all-inclusive Super package – the only fit for our princess!

Smooth sailing at our Lollipop’s party

We were greeted with a lovely party host who gave us a run-down of the party. Promptly followed by a sea of children, their parents with a tidal wave of gifts! I really liked the host communication aspect of the party which helped it run smoothly. I didn’t have to do a thing during the whole party except mingle withour guests because the party host did it all!

The kids were well and truly ready to eat when the party host brought the food. An arrayof nuggets, chips, party pies and sausage rolls ensued helped along by ample quantities of tomato sauce and cordial! It almost looked as good as the adult food, which was hot savoury platters and fruit, washed down with caffeine! Perfect. Impressing the adult guests is always a bonus.

When it came to cake time I was fascinated. We had brought our own cake because Miss Princess wanted ‘Elsa’, but the birthday party includes a delicious ice cream cake as well. There was enough birthday AND ice cream cake for 9 children and the parents as well as leftovers.

Next came the party games and a teacup ride. You know the kind of ride that you see at carnivals? Yes, that teacup ride…and it was all included!

The children had so much fun playing musical statues, particularly when ‘Let It Go’ played. But the main surprise was yet to happen! IN WALKED ELSA AND THE CROWD GOES WILD *queue grandstand music and commentary*.

I was quite surprised when booking the party that I could swap the visit from Lollipops the Cat to a visit from Elsa and Anna. After some dancing and a billion photos with Elsa and Anna it was time to say goodbye, but the fun didn’t stop there!Thegreat thing about Lollipops was that the kids could play on the play equipment until they were ready to leave (instead of being kicked out of the play centre straight away like some other places do).

Luckily, Lollipops Playland and Cafe is an all-weather party venue, so I didn’t have to worry about the weather at all!

Time to Relax

Overall, our birthday experience at Lollipops was wonderful. The team fulfilled my every request and made my daughter feel extra special on her birthday. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves over the day and our coffee cravings were satisfied and so were our bellies.

Now to sit and relax while she opens her tidal wave of gifts in my nice quiet and cleanish home.

And a secret confession…. I have already booked in for next year as well!

Written by Michelle and Ashley on 9th November 2020

for Lollipop’s Playland and Café in Canberra, Australia.


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