Birthday Party Invitation Dos and Don’ts

Whether you are the lucky celebrant or merely organizing a birthday party on behalf of someone else, ensuring you have knockout birthday party invitations is a must. We have all the dos and don’ts for your birthday party invitations covered down below, as well as some samples that you can easily incorporate. 

A great invitation befits an awesome birthday party. Ahead of the upcoming celebration, the birthday invitations will determine participants’ first contact and impression of the party. A great birthday party invitation will make the participants view your forthcoming party with eager anticipation when accomplished just right. Otherwise, a birthday party invitation will have no impact on its recipients, and it will only find itself amongst a pile of other neglected reading materials.

So what exactly makes a great birthday party invitation? Essentially, a birthday party invitation has two primary purposes. It should simultaneously inform party guests of all the necessary party information on the one hand and set the mood for the celebration on the other. When a birthday party invitation encompasses both aims, then it is undoubtedly a fantastic one.

To guide you in planning for the components of your birthday party invitations, allow us to spell out all the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. 

Birthday Party Invitation Dos

Consider the following birthday party invitation dos as you make all the decisions for how the invitation will turn out. 

Do the Birthday Invitation With the Celebrant at the Spotlight

A birthday party is a celebration of one’s life so far in the company of close friends and loved ones. As such, you need to ensure that the celebrant takes center stage, even on the birthday invitations. Ideally, the celebrant’s name splashes across any birthday invitation in big and bold letters. 

Do All Customizations in Either a Personal Light or a Cohesive Way 

A birthday party invitation should set the right mood by drawing inspiration from the party itself. There are two ways to accomplish this intention: make the birthday party invitation personal to the celebrant or cohesive in terms of the design theme. 

The birthday party invitations that stand out the most draw inspiration from the celebrant’s life or character. Not only does this make the invitation feel personal, but it also serves to remind the party guests whom they are honoring. 

An alternative to a deeply personal or meaningful invitation is deciding on a theme and sticking to it at the celebrant’s preference. This way, you are sure to have a birthday party invitation that does not go by the usual formulas and is aesthetically striking. Wonderfully curated invitations are genuinely unforgettable and hard-to-miss.

Birthday Party Invitation Don’ts

There are a few birthday party invitation don’ts that you should avoid by all means in the same vein as all the dos.

Don’t Forget to Put All the Essential Details.

The most practical purpose that a birthday party invitation serves is to inform party guests of the whereabouts and details of the celebration. It tells them where to go, at what time, and what to bring, if applicable. As a thumb rule, any birthday party invitation needs to contain the following essential information:

  1. The location of the party;

  2. The time of the party;

  3. The contact details of the point person to RSVP;

  4. The dress code for the party, if applicable; and

  5. The kinds of gifts or items that party guests should bring, if applicable.

Don’t Swamp the Invitation With Too Many Design Elements.

Designing for any birthday party invitation allows for a wide latitude of creative freedom. As such, it becomes relatively easy to go overboard with the decorations. Whichever route you choose to go for the design theme, it pays to remember that your design choices should never overpower the essential information on your birthday party invitation. 

Don’t Forget to Include Complete RSVP Details. 

The whole concept of the ‘RSVP’ is persistently relevant because it helps party organizers apprise whether all their party resources can accommodate the party guests. If RSVPs are essential to your party as the celebrant or the party organizer, make sure to include precise details of whom and how your guests will RSVP.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun With It!

Lastly, remember that any birthday party is a celebration. Great company, lovely banter, excellent food, and beautiful memories accompany any birthday celebration. Such a sense of enjoyment needs to carry over to the look, feel, and contents of your birthday party invitation. Whichever way you choose to design the invitations, make sure that your choices come from a place of merriment and positivity.

Some Great Birthday Party Invitation Samples

The following samples illustrate how you can incorporate the dos and don’ts listed above to have the perfect invitation to go well with the birthday party you are celebrating or organizing.

20th Birthday Invitation

Grown-Up Birthday Invitation

Birthday Passport Invitation

Pastel Birthday Party Invite

Fun Beer Birthday Invitation

Bold BBQ Birthday Invitation

70th Birthday Invitation

Cute Birthday Party Invitation

Fun 18th Birthday Invitation

Sweet Birthday Invitation

Vibrant Birthday Invitation

Abstract Birthday Invitation

Fun Silly Birthday Invitation

Sleek Birthday Invitation

Lively Birthday Invitation

All these impressive birthday party invitation samples are available at TemplateMonkey. Each one features original art and fonts for bespoke and eye-catching designs. If you wish to incorporate any of the samples above for your birthday party invitations, you can access the templates using the link indicated below each piece. All the templates are fully customizable and printable according to your specifications to help you have the perfect, most beautifully-designed invitation for your upcoming birthday celebration. 

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