Excitement of the New Year in the Air at Mumbai

The rush is on and the old year is seeing the inevitable boot from the people who have turned their backs on it. The New Year waits for new happenings but first we must welcome it. And where in Mumbai do you want to meet with this new friend? Check out the places listed below, you might find one that interests you.

Exo Lounge Bar, The Palladium Hotel

This nightclub is a great place to find your rhythm and ring in the New Year. The hotel is equally swanky and the crowd is excitable and friendly. The tickets cost about 8,000 per person so you can bet the atmosphere is great.

Blue Frog

This place is definitely for the music addicts alone. You get loads of music and have capable DJs to handle the twists and turns of the night. The cost of entry is Rs5,000 per head if you are a stag and Rs8,000 if you are part of a couple. Join in and get ready to beat the old year out and seek blessings of the New Year.


Customers know Sofitel as the provider of exotic themes. Here you can find the party that gets you singing and dancing. You can count on a good time here with great settings. The food matches the ambience and the drinks are great. Just choose the way you want to go and let it go!


This hip nightclub has huge variety by way of clientele. The cuisine is finger food and the cost is Rs1500 for two. The place has Wi-Fi and a full bar. So, if you want to have the night to yourself, make it a point to get into the VIP section. You will probably meet some of the cream of society and usher in the New Year along with them. One cannot go wrong with Canvas.

The Grand Mumbai Carnival, Hotel Novotel

The spirit of the New Year in the style of the carnival gets a showing at the Grand Mumbai Carnival. They host this show on the shores by the sea with both food and drinks unlimited. The banquet halls nearby will give those people who want to listen to music, the chance to revel in some throbbing, exciting beats.


The hotel at the NCPA, Amadeus is known for its great wines. You get Spanish, Iranian, Arabian, and Greek cuisine here. One expects great things from Amadeus and it happens. The New Year spread this year too is going to break the excitement records. They have a full bar with guests figuring from the top bracket of society. But, the popular tunes will have its say in the course of the night for who can survive without it? The cost of dining is Rs2,500 approximately for a couple with alcohol. Call up 022 67230111 for booking your place.


This swinging joint in Bandra Kurla complex has casual dining and a bar. The cuisine is Parsi so if you prefer it then this is the place. You have a full bar and the choice of the nightlife. It costs about Rs1,300 for two people with alcohol. If you want to make reservations call up 022 40035678.

Keep the clock ticking for you might lose the New Year. Check with the place you choose for reservations for one of the most enthralling New Year parties in Mumbai. Wish you all the luck in the coming year.


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