Read this to Help Your Child Love Swimming and End A Fear of Water

Sunnier days are about to begin once again.

Which means another season of a fun day at the beach or simply hanging out in the pool with your kids.

However, while some kids are overly excited to make the most of the summer season, some are just too scared of jumping into the pool or get wet no matter how hot the day gets.

Well, if you’re a parent who’s also dealing with this kind of dilemma with your child, you must be glad because the solution to your worries is already on the palm of your hands.

This article tackles children’s fear of water and how parents can take part in helping their child to love swimming as well as to overcome their aquaphobia.

So, we’re calling all the parents to dive into the next pages and end your child’s fear of water and ignite his passion for swimming.

  • Understand and respect your child’s phobia of water

Take it slow. Don’t expect your child to be comfortable with taking a plunge in the pool or in any bodies of water that easy just because you told them that everything’s fine.

As a parent, it’s understood that you might feel like you have the authority and the whole responsibility to fully dismiss or at least mitigate your child’s fear of water.

But there’s one important thing that you need to know too, urging your child to overcome his fear won’t unearth a positive outcome. So, you better take one step at a time instead.

As you follow through a certain process, you’ll be able to gain your child’s trust over your goal as he would feel that you understand and respect his fear.

  • Find out about the particular source of the fear

What you would want to understand in the first place is that not all children who are hesitant to get in the pool are completely hydrophobic.

Some children might feel anxious about taking a deep in the pool but comfortable with other bodies of water like lakes, rivers, oceans, and so on.

If that’s the case, you must take your part in finding out the specific source of your child’s fear of water.

Is it because of his past experiences while swimming in a pool or is it simply because of a particular movie or television show [like shark attacks etc.]?

  • Make bathtime a fun, and exciting time

The certain process of making your child feel more comfortable dipping in the pool is by starting it at home.

How? Well, first you might want to start making every bathtime a fun, and exciting part of the day which your child will look forward to the most.

If you want to make things easier for you and better for your kids, why not try getting yourself involved? Climb in the tub with your child and shower together!

You can also have some bath toys like rubber duckies, sailing boats, fish toys, and other water-related toys which you can use to entertain your child.

From time to time, get more swimming essentials or tools involved in every bathtime.

You may start getting your child and yourself a custom made caps which you can use every bath.

Having custom made cap the same with your child can make him more comfortable with the process and be more familiar with the swimming essentials.

Aside from a custom made cap, you can also start buying him a kickboard, inflatable pool, snorkelling tools, swimwear, and swimming goggles.

  • Enough of the “shark attack” jokes

It might seem childish but mostly, shark attack jokes cause too much fear or trauma to kids.

So, if you want to develop and slowly eradicate your child’s fear of water, you better not mention anything about shark attacks, drowning incidents, and more horrible swimming fictions.

It’s because instead of helping him overcome his fears, hearing shark attack jokes or any swimming-related incidents may make him feel more hesitant about getting in the pool.

It’s normal for kids to have their fears over something as they’re still in the process of the overall development.

However, as a parent, you’re responsible for helping your child overcome his fears no matter how big or small it is.

And when it comes to your child’s fear of water, don’t forget to apply what you’ve read above and surely your child will get more comfortable dipping in the pool from time to time.



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