Secret Indian Destinations- The Enchanting Five

India has not one, two or hundred but thousands of destinations to be visited. It has innumerable villages and cities, each with its own speciality. But have you ever imagined any part of India which is extremely beautiful and only few people know about it? Have you ever imagined some secret Indian destinations that in unknown to the common world? Well, there is no such secret place. They have not been explored yet and it’s not easy to travel such a large land like India and have a look at all the places and their uniqueness. Book your best travel plan today with Yatra Coupons to grab best flight ticket options along with hotels.

Some places are pretty great with their music, some with their architecture, some with the natural beauty and some have truly delicious food. Everybody has their choices and each person has their own favourite place to visit. It’s not easy to choose a spot to travel that you have never heard of before. But then what? A true traveller wants to see what others have not. That’s what makes them dedicated toward their passion.

Let’s look at five places hat you may not have heard before ever. These under rated travel spots are great destinations for anyone and everyone. We will look at the unexplored places of India. These are the places you will never forget after your visit. So without any delay, let’s begin our journey to these places.

  1. Bishnupur, West Bengal: – How often do we consider a town as a location to travel? Our usual priorities are well known and famous spots or we prefer large chaotic cities. but somewhere deep inside we all know that the true culture of any state of region is reflected in its villages. In the same way, Bishnupur has also been an under rated even though it has all the things we seek for our vacations and travel destination. This town in Bankura district reflects what true Bengal is. In the form of its folk music, and handicrafts it shows the true glory of its state. It also has some marvellous architecture that you may love.
  2. McCluskieganj, Jharkhand: – This place has an interesting history. Ernest Timothy McCluskie who was a businessman is considered to be the founder of this town. That time, he sent invitation to 200000 Anglo-Indian to settle in this town in 1932. Not many but 300 of them settled there and now, only 20 of them are still there. There used to be some great mansions and they are now available as guest houses. The very interesting thing of this town is that here, you will find a temple, mosque, and Gurudrawa very close to each other showing the brotherhood in the country.
  3. Latpanchar, Darjeeling: – This very beautiful destination of Darjeeling district doesn’t get many tourists. Even in the peak time of the tourism in the state, you will hardly find any visitor. That may be because the tourism is not well developed in this town. This town offers you a breath taking view of natural beauty along with a glimpse of Kanchenjunga. This town is also a hilly region like other areas of the state. Here you can find wide varieties of birds and other animals. Plantation on this hill is also rare, like, Cinchona. You must go here to visit this place. Once you are there, don’t forget to walk through the Cinchona plantation. Another thing you must do is to visit the Ahal Dara View Point. You can find some of best package available online with Oyo Rooms Coupons Online today.
  4. Mana, Uttarakhand: – on the border of the Indo Tibet border, this is also called the ‘last village of India’. Yes, it is indeed the last village on this border line. This place does not contain some very famous architecture of history but do have some amazing vistas only if you have the right vision to see and explore the way to it. The river Saraswati that flows near the village gives you a great view to have a look on.
  5. Kakolem Beach, Goa: – It would be very rare when you will find any human being on this beach. Here you can enjoy some private time with your friends and partners and it is a great location for a peaceful picnic. You should come here before the dusk and have a spectacular look at the sunset of this beach. There are no houses here so obviously you can’t stay here at night. This is an under rated but very beautiful place to be visited in Goa.

Here destinations are some of those places that you would have missed on you travelling bucket list but believe me, they deserve to be on the list. Go ahead and enjoy your trips.

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