Top Festival Essentials for Going Abroad

Sadly, festival season is nearly at an end- but rejoice, Next summer they will be back again! This year you would have made some great memories but it won’t be long until It’s time to get your friends together again and see which festivals you can all go to next year. We all know how much fun festivals can be when you’re integrating with so many new people and having great fun. Whether you’re going to Austria, Germany, Belgium or USA here are some essentials to remember to make next year’s festivals even more fun!

Get Your Camping Equipment Together

Camping can be a bit of a love/hate experience with a lot of festival goers. There are people who enjoy the aspect of being together with all their friends in a tent for a weekend; then there are others who will come and go and stay at a hotel overnight. If you are the type of person that prefers to stay at the venue throughout and camp there, it is important you remember these essentials: tents, pillows, roll mats, sleeping bags, camping chairs and food (tinned foods are best). You should try and keep whichever pieces of equipment are still in good condition as these can be used for other festivals.


Toiletries can sometimes be overlooked when getting your things together for a festival, but it is important to consider that the showers in festival parks aren’t always greatest experience and you can sometimes feel even dirtier when you come out! So the toiletries to make sure you pack are wet wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo, tooth brush and tooth paste to make sure you are feeling fresh for your time there.


This may seem as a very obvious point when you are getting everything together. But it is vital that you have everything organised, including your ticket and festival wristbands. This is especially important when you are abroad because if you find yourself using public transport or travelling in the country most tickets not only consist of your entry into a festival, but they also consist of bus tickets and your plane tickets and organisers of festivals often use wristbands so you don’t have to carry your tickets around with you all the time.

Personal Items

The main personal items you have on you will be your passport, money, keys and possibly your mobile phone. Some festivals also only guarantee entry if the name on your ticket matches the ID you’re carrying, so try and check this beforehand to avoid any complications when you are getting in to the festival.

With money, the recommendation would be to try and use cash wherever possible. When going abroad you can exchange your money before or after you arrive in the country, so try and work out how much cash you will need for the event so you have enough. Taking your card along with you and keeping it for emergencies may be a good idea, just in case you end up losing or overspending the cash you have, but having pockets or bags with zips can help prevent this and it will also keep your phone and keys safe.



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