Unique and interesting Job Opportunities in Big Data

There has been a lot of discussions in the tech world lately about the impact of advanced digital technologies and the rise of data as a precious resource in the modern economy. Our capacity to create data has increased magnanimously and currently we are generating 16.3 Zettabytes of data annually (1ZB= 1 trillion gigabyte). Although only a fraction of this enormous data is being leveraged by institutions worldwide the amount of value that is being generated out of it is amazing, all thanks to Big data!

India’s take on Big data

India is not alien to the digital revolution and the existing government has definitely given digitalization a push through constant promotions. India is home to around 627 million internet users and 350 million social media users, which accounts for the tremendous growth of India’s digital economy. The e-commerce sector of the country alone is responsible for a huge growth and is expected to generate 120 billion USD in 2020 with big players like Amazon and Walmart!

This is why India cannot ignore the value of Big data and the department of science and technology of the country already has its own Big data initiatives. Government projects like the ‘Project Insight’ based on Big data certainly shows the mood of the nation for capitalizing on modern-day technologies. There already exists a vast reservoir of important data-sets in India, which has made sure that the digital ecosystem of India is ripe for investments on Big data. Recognizing the potential many large firms have already invested on developing Big data techs in India and a number of start-ups have also emerged offering efficient big data solutions!

What does it mean to the Indian job seekers?

Growing investments on Big data in India has significantly increased the demand for skilled Big data experts. The demand is higher in booming industries like the e-Commerce, analytics, ICT and Healthcare. With everyone wanting to hire the best talent, the salary paid for Big data skill is very lucrative. More importantly, India severely lacks talent on Big data, data science and analytics! As a result, there is no lack of jobs in the field of Big data in India and Indian job seekers must consider acquiring skills from a Big data training institute.

What interesting and unique job Opportunities does Big data offer?

Acquiring Big data skills in India will let you work in leading companies as:

  • Big data analyst
  • Big data Engineer
  • Business analytics specialist
  • HR analytics leader

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