Expert Tips To Choose Right Wardrobe For Your Home

The wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any house. In fact, in many cultures, it is something of a family heirloom, and buying – or making one – is an important event in the household. Decades ago, these cupboards weren’t something that you could just buy off the shelf, talented artisans would build something tailor-made, out of the most valuable wood and make shelves that would be perfect for you and your family requirements.

Now, with changing times, not just the material of the wardrobe, the process of buying one has changed too. Nowadays, people prefer to have latest design wardrobes in their room such as Built In Wardrobes Sydney. Today, you can go to a decor shop and buy a wardrobe that fits your requirements. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best cupboard for your family.

1. Consider Size of The Room

The first aspect to consider is the size of the room in which you will be placing the cupboard. Make sure that you have the requisite moving space in the room after placing the cupboard. The wardrobe is part of the bedroom, which is typically smaller than the dining and the living room, so you would need to be a bit careful about the total space that the wardrobe takes.

2. Consider Different Features

You should also consider what features you would require in the wardrobe. Many wardrobes double up as small safes, all you need to do is to either install a strongbox in the wardrobe, or look for a cupboard that has an inbuilt strongbox such as best built in wardrobes Sydney. Many newer wardrobes offer cutting edge, modern security features in their strongboxes, like digital security and even cameras inside the strongbox. Typically, a wardrobe should be able to store all the apparel, right from formal to party wear of at least half the family. There should be special racks for suits and shirts, and a dumping area where all the clothes are stored before they ironed for further use.

3. Choose Right Material

The material used for the wardrobe is an important aspect too, when it comes to deciding what kind of cupboard you would require. The most common materials are iron, steel and wood. Nowadays, plastic is a material that commonly used for making cheaper wardrobes such as Affordable Built In Wardrobes Sydney, generally for the kids, or for those who are looking for economic decor options.

After considering above-mentioned tips that will help you decide on a good wardrobe. Many manufacturers and retailers now offer different styles of wardrobes. Some of them are discussed below. Have a look!

1. Fitted Wardrobe

The fitted wardrobe is designed to fit into the space of your room, and is installed in your room once you have determined the size and dimension of your desired wardrobe. You will find that an unsightly corner of the room will be the perfect place to install a new fitted wardrobe, as these wardrobes are built to fit into niches in your room according to the dimensions you request.

2. Free Standing Wardrobe

A free standing wardrobe is designed to stand in the middle of the room, and it looks exactly like an armoire. These wardrobes are usually very sturdy, as they have to stand alone without being anchored into the walls of your bedroom. A free standing wardrobe will usually be the perfect decoration to complement your room, and you are easily able to move it if you leave your home. This mobile storage solution is perfect if you have not yet bought your home, as the free standing wardrobe will ensure that you will always have storage space no matter where you are.

3. Built In Wardrobe

The built in wardrobes Sydney is designed with the plans of the home, and it is built into the home before you purchase it. The advantage of a built in wardrobe is the variety of design options that you have, such as the variety of doors and sizes. You may find that a built in wardrobe will give you all the storage space that you need, and it will be the perfect fit for your room since it is already designed into the structure of your home.

4. Walk In Wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe is for those who need a lot of storage space, and these large wardrobes are basically a whole room dedicated to storing your stuff. A walk in wardrobe will usually be installed in a home before you purchase it, though you may be able to utilize extra space in a large room to create your own walk in wardrobe. These opulent wardrobes will ensure that you never have more items than you can store, and will be an excellent storage solution.

5. Custom Design Wardrobe

A custom design wardrobe is made according to your specifications, including color, dimensions, style, and design. You are even able to choose the wood you want to use. The downside to a custom wardrobe is that they tend to be costlier than the other options.

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