3 Key Business Trends You Should Definitely Watch For In 2017!

2017 is deemed a year in which familiar buzzwords might’ve a real impact starting from big data to gig economy”

It depends on the type of employee, freelancer, entrepreneur or company leader you are, the coming year brings a certain degree of promising opportunities for all. While some of the changes are already in effect, other more crucial are yet to come.

With UAE business in particular, optimism itself is a competitive asset as long as it’s supported by real-time facts. Keeping all of this in consideration, let’s have a look at corporate trends to abound in 2017 laying a notable impact on professionals from almost every industrial niche.

  1. More opportunities from the gig economy

The imminent growth of gig economy is driven by the rise of skilled professionals. But, if you’re among those expecting that this trend would bring a tremendous revolution, it’s unlikely to happen for the next few years. A survey performed over the number of freelancers revealed that more than 34 percent are self-employed just in the US claiming they enjoy around 25 percent extra income as compared to in-house job.

Mightn’t sound much but it does hints freelance careers have the potential to bring a notable change. This gig economy is fuelled by remote work tools, access to cloud technology and spread of corporate-level technology platforms for solo workers. Established enterprises have the chance to tap into the talent that can actually take them to a new height of success. UAE business in particular may become more efficient, intellectual, improved and reduce fixed cost.

  1. Big data ought to get bigger

For certain, “big data” and “gig economy” are the real buzz in modern business world but let it be no reason to dismiss either. The consumer-oriented (B2C) as well as business-facing (B2B) organisations are facing intensified competition especially with customer insights.

To help meet the challenge, the field of data-science is expanding but not all data analysis are classified as “big data”. Still, solutions are multiplying and 2017 may be the year companies seriously levitate their investments for sure instead of tell-tales.

  1. Social selling goes conventional

For every business, having their message communicated to the right audience at the right time is most important. Major social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many others are already running full-fledged campaigns enabling world-wide selling through original brand content.

For survival in the long-run, corporations have to widen their scope to reach global audience instead of targeting just the local niche. Refer to the survey findings for clarity based on social networking activities;

  • 80 percent social media users enjoy more service sales as compared to non-users.

  • Around 55 percent buyers follow peer recommendation before purchasing a service.

  • More than 65 percent buyers trust on vendor’s content and take decisions based on this particular factor.


These trends are likely to go beyond 2017 with thought leadership content creating a sense of excitement and authenticity among consumers. A UAE business carrying the most compelling message and original voice would rise against the corporate horizon.

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