4 Super Benefits Of Neck Massage

Research of hospital shows that the neck pains is one of the most common complaints they register via patients averaging almost 15 million reports each year throughout the country.

Now the question arises, why do we even get the neck pain?

Well to answer that, you have to understand the there are many sources which could stem it up like accidents, sleeping postures, injuries, postures while you’re sitting on a chair doing office work or watching tv.

Although you can find the medicines to tackle the neck pains up to some extent, this isn’t just enough in long run, one needs a longer relief without consuming too much of these medications.

And here comes the massage comes into the picture which is a much better and safer option. Choosing a professional massage may be a better and preferred way of treatment but it becomes practically impossible to go see your physician or massage therapist every time you feel the pain. Hence, getting an electric massage neck pillow which is more than rubbing your neck with the help of a family member and cansolve the problem when you are at home.

In the case of a professional massage therapist, the source of the pain is generally located and then act on it by applying the expert technique on that area to provide relief.

They are trained individuals who know how to locate and treat the pain accurately at the source, which is not always at the neck and mostly the pain in the neck is just a symptom of issues with muscle at some different part of the body.

Undergoing a neck or shoulder massage therapy session seems to be more beneficial than just providing the relaxation. We will talk about these major benefits in a while. Few general benefits are like reduced muscular tension, less stress which we are putting on ourselves subconsciously with the littlest work activities like counting the money in your wallet, using a smartphone, driving to the office or typing on the keyboard.

The pressure applied to the muscles surrounding your neck and shoulders during the neck massage help us in more than just relaxations. Here are 4 super benefits from neck massage:

1. Muscle Soreness:

Putting pressure on sore muscle areas enhances the blood flow and oxygen richness in it which helps in soothing pain and decreasing the inflammation. While we undergo massage therapy, our body secretes endorphins which is a natural acid works as a painkiller. After the therapy is done, one can notice the increased range of motion due to the removal of excess lactic acid which causes muscle stiffness.

2. Migraine and Strain:

When we choose to go over a medication, we are also welcoming so many side effects. But with massage therapies, you can get assured that there will be no such issues as it is a completely natural process helping us in headache and migraine issues. Massages relieve muscle spasms, make blood circulation better and reducethe pressure in your head. Recent research shows that migraine patients experienced a sudden and good change in their headache pattern spread throughout neck, shoulders and head after undergoing the massage treatment.

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