5 Simple Yet Fun Ways to Create Quality Time with Your Kids

Children grow up so fast.

This is why parents should relish their kids’ early years and devote as much quality time with them as possible. When the young ones hit their teens, it often proves quite difficult to get them to do things with you. They would rather spend their free time hanging out with friends.

However, if you have made their childhood fun and memorable, it may become embedded in their minds that the loveliest moments they have ever had were spent with the family. This can make them crave how things were and seek out quality time with you, which is the safest environment for teens.

Therefore, while your kids are young, dedicate your creativity and time to providing them with a foundation of loving experiences to help them thrive better during their impressionable and highly emotive years.

Here are five ideas on how to create quality time with your children:

1. Bake together

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is the hub of opportunities for you to impart important lessons to the little ones while having fun. One of the best kitchen activities is baking because it teaches kids how to follow instructions and the final outcome is something everybody can share.

Also, baking is a celebratory activity. There’s more of it done during special occasions that leave a long-lasting cosy memory for children, which they can tap into when life gets difficult as they get older.

2. Create a play area at home

There’s something incredibly sweet about parents building a tree house or assembling a playset for their children – be it a commercially produced swing set with slide or a completely organic one from raw materials.

The building process in itself is already a grand gesture, but the boundless fun created because of the gesture is unforgettable.

Play is an important part of children’s development and having a playset at home allows parents to be more proactive with their young ones’ growth.

3. Have a weekly drive around

Set aside a petrol fund for this activity and explore new places in your area via car with the money your family has saved. Driving around especially during non-busy hours can be both fun and relaxing. And, if you have extra money, you can stop by interesting places and pick up grub to go.

Another thing to consider for your drive around is to get the children involved in the planning. It’s always a nice treat to provide them with a bit of control. And as a drive around becomes your family tradition, you can train the little ones to take care of other tasks aside from creating a music playlist. They can start helping with navigation and keeping the budget, or come up with car games.

You can bet that discovering new places together will create great memories for everyone.

4. Hold a weekly movie night

This is an affordable and easy activity to organise every week. Assign a family member to choose a film to feature for every movie night. You can rent the movie or purchase them on YouTube.

A movie night is just a lovely opportunity for the entire family to be with each other. So, invest a little in a nice setup for movie viewing. Perhaps, hire a wall mount TV installer to ensure the best installation for your TV. And, create your own concession stand in the room where everybody can easily get a treat while watching a movie.

5. Spend more time outdoors

Take walks frequently, swim in the lake, and play in the snow (if it snows in your area). These activities do not cost anything but, more often than not, they are more impactful than a new toy whose happiness outcome usually only lasts, at most, three hours.

There are still a bunch of other ideas you can use to create quality time with the bubs; use as many as you can.

As mentioned earlier, children do not stay kids for a long time. So, get the most out of the short period of time when they actually want to be with you.


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