Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goals With Squats

The best way to lose weight more effectively and quickly is to include both strength training and aerobic exercises in your training session. There is one exercise that you can do to target multiple muscle groups and effectively lose weight from your abdominal area is squats.
The best part about squats is that it not only helps you toning our butt muscles, but also helps you burn more calories while performing the exercise.

Why squats are considered one of the most effective exercises by experts?

When you perform squats without using any type of weights, then basically you are adding more resistance by lifting your body weight. As your hips muscles are mainly engaged during the lifting your body off the ground, your heart beat even increases while performing the exercise.
On the other hand, when you perform squats exercise by using weights then you will feel the intensity of the exercise has increased to a great extent which will help you building muscle mass, improve your metabolism rate, and help you accomplish your goals of weight loss.

What is the benefit of increasing your muscle mass?

Well, focussing on increasing your muscle mass will help you burn more calories even when you are resting. Hence, do consider including squats in your workout routine.

As per a qualified personal coach with fitness trainer certification, it is always good to increase your lean muscle mass when you are looking forward to effectively lose those extra pounds.

Different variations of the squats

There are different variations of squats that you can add in your training sessions:

  • Jump squat
  • Sumo squat
  • Wide stance sumo squat
  • Narrow stance sumo squat
  • Weighted squats
  • Free-weight squats

Important note: When you are performing free-weight squats, always ensure you do more number of repetition and that too at a faster pace. On the other hand, the repetition in the weighted squats should be less and it helps you give definition to your muscle.

Other Considerations

Undoubtedly squats can help you accomplish your weight loss goals; it’s significant to carry outaddedcardiovascular exercises including running, cycling, and swimming.

Next important thing is your diet as it plays a vital role in helping your shed those extra pounds. If you are looking forward to achieve your goals and maintain them in the long run then definitely you will have to try eating clean and healthy food.

Cautionary advice

Are you new to squat exercise? If yes, then we would recommend you to not to rush and begin with the basic exercise.
You right posture or form is very important especially when you are doing squats. It is always better to seek the assistance of a qualified health coach with fitness trainer certification.

Broadly speaking, when you are performing squats with weights then definitely it will put more resistance on your back muscles.
Before you decide to do squats exercises with weights always ensure you stretch and warm up your joints, knees, and ankles to prevent any type of injury!

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