How Do I Check The Status of Southwest Flight

The majority of us are clueless of our flight number—at least not till we pull up the reservation confirmation. Use the departure and arrival city search boxes to locate the service for a simpler method to locate the flight or to look up a friends or family member’s trip. Great if you know the airports’ three-letter codes, but if not, you can simply key in the city and let the system take care of the rest.

In contrast to certain other flight status tools, Southwest allows you to quickly view flights for today, yesterday, and the next day. That’s useful since your departure and arrival could not occur on the same day, depending on the duration of the journey.

You can check southwest flight status using-

  • Online
  • Mobile Application
  • Customer Support

How to check Southwest Flight Status?

Using the drop-down arrow shown on the right of the listing, you may verify the flight’s status. Hopefully, when it states “on time,” it means there aren’t any anticipated delays, glitches, or anything to be concerned about. You can find out additional information about the plane operating the route, the gate the flight is arriving at, and the trip itself in this section.

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You must have possessed the important information such as confirmation number, flight number to check the status online or using mobile application or by taking help from customer care. It will help you to get the status online before the scheduled departure of your Flight and you can manage your time and travel according to the updated status. You can also get updates if your flight has been rescheduled or canceled.

Finding yourself on a page informing you of a delayed or canceled flight is not cause for alarm. Usually, the delay will only last a few minutes, so it shouldn’t significantly affect your journey. However, the flight status website has helpful information that might clarify the situation for you.

It is simple to determine if there has been a disturbance straight away thanks to the red “delayed” sign. The time the airline anticipates the aircraft to take off is shown below that, in strong writing with a bigger time. The first scheduled time of takeoff is shown below that. Similar details on the anticipated and planned landing timings may be seen on the right.

Flight Information & Tracking

Using the airline’s website, smartphone app, or airport Flight Information Display (FID) screens, stay informed about the status of your flight. Additionally, real-time flight monitoring by GPS, radar, and satellite communication is possible.

Flight on Southwest Airlines status of every flight that Southwest Airlines operates. The most recent Southwest Airlines flight schedule lists all departures, arrivals, delays, and cancellations for flights. Our Southwest Airlines flight tracker makes it easy to stay on top of all flight details, including arrival and departure schedules, in real time. Using the flight tracker will give you accurate and on time information about your flight.

The following four helpful tools allow you to examine the current location and status of Southwest flights:
FlightAware: See the whole fleet of Southwest Airlines in the skies at any given moment, and click on links to get more details on individual flights.

Cirium’s flight statistics: All in one location, check the status of your Southwest Airlines flight, examine aircraft and airport data, obtain a flight path map, and track the progress of live flights.

Get all the information about your flight, including past performance of the same flight or aircraft. To check flight status while on the go, you may also download the service’s free app to your smartphone.

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