Why You Should Double Up Your Protection With UV RO Water Purifier

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, you must look for double protection to ensure better security. It is true that we always want to safeguard our family and our dear ones from the pollution of our atmosphere. From air to water, everything is filled with pollutants that can make anybody sick. Along with air pollution, the death rate due to water pollution is increasing day by day. So, to tackle the increasing rate of contamination, installing UV RO Water Purifier is the best way.

Till now, in the market, you find either UV or RO water purifier and the filtration systems are different as well. And there is a buzz of UV V/S RO system as well. In this scenario, we are saying that no filtration process can be a substitute for others and to prevent the increasing rate of pollutants, it is better to get both the layers.

Now we will discuss how both the purification systems work to get the bottom of the claim.

What are the functions of the Reverse Osmosis System?

This Reverse Osmosis or popularly known as RO purification technology is a process where the water has to pass through a semipermeable membrane that will filter the pollutants, ions and metal molecules along with mud and other larger particles in order to make them soft and drinkable. Along with the impurities, it also removes bacteria, germs, and viruses that can make you sick. Due to rising industries, chemical contamination is quite high in the general tap water. Through the RO purification system, the chemical soluble can also be separated. It uses the water pressure to inverse the process of liquidity the solids and in this way, the contaminations get trapped in the membrane. Moreover, the pre-activated carbon absorbs impurities like chlorine, pesticide, herbicides, and insecticides.

What is the function of the Ultraviolet filtration system?

This is the best-known process to disinfectant the water from harmful bacteria. The Ultraviolet lamp installed in the purification system kills all the harmful pathogens with the UV ray that will attack the DNA or genetic code of those microorganisms. It also removes the scope of reproduction and spread of the germs in the water and makes the water free from all the living bacteria.

Why you should opt for the UV RO Water Purifier?

From the above discussion, we have understood the filtration process of both the purifier. The RO membrane can filter anything more than molecular weight 20 but in case any bacteria have the weight less than the permeable limit, there is a high scope that it will pass easily. On the other hand, the UV lamp only kills the bacteria but is not able to remove the other pollutants like salt, metal or even mud. To get the best and the purest water, it is better to collaborate both of them and go for the UV RO Water Purifier. To fight against the alarming rate of pollution, it is the best available way in the market to get water with the right TDS level and free from all types of impurities.

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