Is Dubai Worth Visiting in November?

Dubai is on the bucket list of most travelers in the world. This is where you’re going to have a great time every time of the year. However, it is necessary to make the trip fit into your budget. For that, knowing the right time to visit Dubai is essential. If you want to know about the cheapest month, then November is considered the cheapest month to make your booking. Ensure that you have made the booking for Dubai for November.

Tips for buying cheap flights to Dubai: 

 To know the best time to visit Dubai or other tips to save your money. It would help if you made sure that you have walked through the information regarding the cheap flight below. Once you have got the correct path to make the booking, then you’ll be able to save your hard-earned money and at the same time visit Dubai.

Look for the cheapest month to visit Dubai.

November is considered the cheapest month to visit Dubai. During this month not only is the flight cost going to be low. But even the price of hotels or cabs will be meager. You’ll be able to save your money on many things. At the same time, November is also one of the best months to visit Dubai.

Be flexible with your travel dates. 

You can certainly be flexible with the travel dates. In this way, you can travel at that particular time when the cost of the ticket is very low.

Fly in low-cost carriers

Instead of choosing a major airline, you need to ensure that you have selected a low-cost airline instead of a major one. There is a huge difference between the cost of a low-cost airline and a flag carrier.

Don’t fly direct. Instead, choose a connecting flight.

Instead of flying through a direct airline, you need to make sure that you have selected a connecting flight. Connecting flights will undoubtedly take more time, but it will cost you cheaper than a direct airline.

Look for special deals. 

You can look for special deals on the official website of your airline. Through these deals, you’ll be able to get a discount. Pick up that deal made for a Dubai trip in the deals and packages section.

Use your miles 

You can certainly use your miles. For that, you only need to ensure you have enough miles. If you have the right amount of miles, you can even make the booking free of cost. However, if you’re in a situation where you don’t have enough miles, you can even make the partial payment through the miles and the rest through your money.

Check if you have any vouchers assigned to you. 

Vouchers are going to work as jackpots. You only need to log in to your account with the airline on their official website. You’ll be able to check if there is any voucher assigned to you. You only need to enter the voucher code while making the booking. Then you’ll get the desired discount on your booking.

You can use the student discount. 

If you’re a student, many airlines provide student discounts per their policies. You only need to submit your Student ID card for verification to get the discount. Then you’ll be able to get the desired discount for yourself.

Use a third-party website to compare the cost of different websites. 

There are many third-party websites where you can compare the cost of different airlines. Through that, you’ll be able to find the cheapest flight for yourself. Ensure that you have made the booking with that particular airline.

Make use of the low-fare calendar. 

At the start of every month, airlines release a low-fare calendar. You need to find the cheapest day of the month on it to visit Dubai. Once you have got it, then you’ll be able to fly to Dubai without any issues.

Use Incognito mode

Ensure that you have used the incognito mode, then you’ll be able to avoid the effects of cookies and cache. Once you have done that, you’ll see more offers for booking.

Avoid weekends 

It would help if you avoided the weekends. Weekends are certainly more expensive than weekdays. Among all the weekends, if you fly on Tuesday, you’ll be able to save a lot of your money. Weekdays are certainly a good time to visit dubai.

In case you have a flight to Dubai with Qatar Airways and are now facing some other difficulty then contact and talk to a live person at Qatar Airways, the representative would be glad to help you out.

5 must things to do in Dubai:

Once you’re in Dubai, there are different things you can do there and many places you can visit, including Burj Khalifa. You can go through the guide below to get the resolution regarding that.

Dubai Desert Safari 

You can go outside Dubai. There you’ll be able to get an Evening dining experience. You’ll be riding over the dunes on four wheels. That will undoubtedly be a new and a lifetime experience for you, which you can cherish for the whole of your life.

Dubai Marina Yacht tour

Among all the Yacht tours, the Marina Yacht tour is world-famous. On the Yacht tour, you’ll be able to enjoy the view of the sea and Dubai. At the same time, you’ll also be served breakfast.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world is undoubtedly the most obvious thing to have on your bucket list. You’ll not only be on top of the world. But there are also many entertainment activities you can have inside the building. There are entertainment shows, and great food served in Burj Khalifa.

Atlantis Aquaventure & lost chambers’ ticket 

If you’re an amusement park enthusiast, you only need to visit the Atlantis aqua venture park. There you’ll be able to have enjoy with your friends and family. It is undoubtedly one of the best amusement parks you can come across. There are dozens of rides and activities you can do inside it.

Dubai dinner cruise

If you enjoyed your breakfast on the cruise, you’d also appreciate your dinner on it. You only need to make your booking for the Dinner cruise. That will undoubtedly be a completely different experience than the morning cruise. At night you’ll be able to see the night show of Dubai through the cruise. That is undoubtedly going to be a great experience.

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