Facebook Chat Obsession in Teens; Pull the Plug with Facebook Chat Spy

The Facebook obsession among teens and tweens is no more a secret. The studies indicate that youngsters dedicate most of their time to social media sites such as Facebook. The time they spend on social networking platforms is estimated to be around nine hours a day. While social media introduces kids with the people across the world and helps them learn about the things that are so far, it also exposes them to several security and privacy threats. The more time they remain online the more they are likely to experience the potential dangers of social networking. Some of the most common online dangers include cyber bullying, online child predation, cat-fishing, scamming, sexting and pornography.

Parents of the digital generation are required to protect their kids from threats of social media. They are needed to supervise the online and offline chats of their children to ensure they are using the cell phones and social media apps in a responsible a secure way. There are several ways to supervise the Facebook activities of children such as following their social media profiles or using Facebook spy app. This article discusses how a spy app lets you manage the Facebook obsession of your children.

Facebook – Most Popular Social Media App

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used social media app at the moment. It allows users to converse with the online buddies with the help of messages, voice and video calls. The users can post their text, photos, video, memories, events and stuff of their choice. The friends and followers can like, comment, share and react on these posts to give their feedback.

Anyone having access to the internet can create and operate an account on Facebook without providing enough and accurate information. The anonymity of Facebook users has encouraged bullies, predators and pedophiles to use the platform to access and trap teenagers. They gather information about the target from their Facebook profiles which include their habits, likings, routine and contact information. This information is misused to lure and trap the target.

Many cyber bullying and child predation victims have taken their lives, while many others have been suffering from depression, anxiety, fear and low self-esteem. The majority of social media victims do not inform their parents about their horrible experience because of the fear of losing privileges of mobile phone and the internet.

How to Monitor Facebook Chat with Spy App

There is cell phone and social media monitoring app that is particularly intended for parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children. Once you install the app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can track all online and offline activities performed on that cell phone. TheOneSpy Facebook monitoring app allows parents to keep tabs on the Facebook activities of their teens and tweens. You can be aware of their social media activities and posts without following their profiles.

The Facebook spy app lets you monitor conversations of your kids made via social messenger. You do not access their mobile phones to check out their inbox. The spy app automatically accesses the text and instant messages stored on the monitored phone memory and upload to the online spy account. Parents can log into that online account on their mobile phone and computer systems and read all the messages out there.

The monitoring and tracking app lets you access text messages, photos, videos, audios and other media files received and sent by your children via social media app. You can also track conversations and messages which have been deleted by your children intentionally or accidentally. The spy app creates an online backup of all online chats and retrieves them when you want.

In addition to messages, the Facebook spy app also let you track social media posts of your kids. You can see what they have posted online and what type of comments they have received on their posts. All this helps you detect if there is any bullying message, comment or post for your kid. You can identify the bullies and predators and take necessary steps to protect your children from these online criminals. Moreover, TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app helps you protect your children from the real world dangers by letting you supervise their real world activities.

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