How To Get The Right Size Water Heater For Your Home

Winter is just round the corner and the water is getting colder with every passing day. It is the perfect time to search for the Best Water Heater In India, otherwise you have to spend so much for the LPG gas to make the water suitable for bath. On the other hand, it is a risky and hassle process where people may face mishap. Installing the water geyser is the best solution for all the harassment caused by winter season by providing hot water from the tap and shower.

However, many people face confusion while selecting the Best Water Heater In India from all the available option. The main factor you have to keep in mind while selecting it whether it is sufficient for your family or you have to spend a huge amount for electricity bill unnecessary. The right size of heater can solve all the problems.

To find out the perfect geyser, there are some tips that will help you to have an informed purchase decision for it.

What are the factors on which the electric consumption of the heater depends?

In case of water heater, the electric consumption depends on the following thing.

  • Amount of water: This is the main factor that decides the electric consumption. When you use more water to heat, it will use more electricity.
  • Water temperature: Due to the season, the temperature of the tap water varies and so the electric consumption. During the hot weather or location, it will take less time to heat up the water in comparison to winter season.
  • Required Temperature for bathing: The comfortable temperature of bathing varies from person to person. When someone likes to have real hot bath, then it will have more electric consumption.
  • Standing Losses: The amount of heat the geyser loses is called the standing losses. The Best Water Heater In India uses the high quality material that prevents the standing losses.

How much water your family needs?

To select the Best Water Heater In India that is suitable for your family, you have to find out the amount of hot water your family needs. From the preferred temperature to time of bathing, there are many factors that are responsible to estimate the amount of water for a family. Check out them so that you can calculate the amount.

  • For bucket bathing you need at least 15 liters water per person
  • For shower bathing you need at least 25 liters water per person
  • For bath tub, it will require 35 liters per person
  • For washing clothes 10 liters per person
  • For washing utensils 5 liters per person

What Will Be The Ideal Size of the Water heater for your family?

When you will buy the Best Water Heater In India; you must want to get the right size so that it will perfectly fit in the requirements of the family. The maximum water you need for the purpose of bathing. So, depending on the style of bathing (bucket, shower or tub) you have to select the size that you will use in one go. Most of the time, one person take the bath at a time, so the required amount of water will depend on it. The ideal size of the heater ensures perfect heating

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