Why Is It Good to Choose Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands?

Shampoos are the common hair care products used by us. Most of us look for a shampoo with likeable fragrance and rich lather. But do we know enough about the ingredients of shampoos and their impact on our crowning glory?

One of the trending facts about hair care is the label of sulfate free shampoo brands. Today people are growing aware of the effects of this ingredient in shampoos- namely sulfates.

Sulfates are chemicals or surfactants which are found in most cleaning products from toothpaste to detergents to shampoos. They are popular because they work up a rich lather that can cleanse away dirt and grime. They are also inexpensive ingredients.

But today, sulfates are losing their popularity because of a number of its qualities. SLS free shampoo is a label being searched for by a growing number of consumers.

Here are some aspects about sulfate free shampoos:

Sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo brandsand drying of hair:

One major advantage of using sulfate less shampoos is that it will not cause your hair to become excessively dry. The surfactants are powerful cleansing agents and they usually strip hair of its natural oils, causing hair to be damaged and dry. When the protective oil coating is lost, there is not enough oil to seal in moisture, thus making hair brittle and dry. By using hair care products with no such surfactants will prevent loss of moisture and this will cleanse your hair gently to get rid of excess oil and dirt without affecting the protective oil layer.

Impact of sulfate free shampoo curly hair:

Sulfate filled shampoo causes curly hair to become frizzy. Frizzy hair is the result of moisture entering inside a hair strand, which causes uneven swelling of the strands of hair and causing frizz. The moisture has to pass through the cuticle to enter the inside of the strand. In the case where hair and its cuticles are healthy, it does not allow moisture like high humidity to penetrate the cortex. The hair strands which have been stripped of their natural oils by sulfates, crave for moisture and they don’t provide a protective barrier to avoid frizz. Shampoosthat are non-sulfate are gentle cleansing agents free from harsh chemicals and keep curly hair healthy and frizz free.

sulfate free shampoo brands for color treated hair:

It is a very frustrating experience when after investing lot of money on coloring or highlighting your hair, the rich, beautiful tones are dulled and damaged, after a few washes. Sulfates can cause hair color to fade and cause low lights and high lights to be dull or brassy. Using anon-sulfate shampoo which cleanses hair gently, will maintain your color much longer, such that colored hair strands remain healthy, vibrant, and rich. Sulfate lessshampoo is regarded as ‘color safe’ and highly suitable for colored hair. One can search online for Non sulfate shampoo list.


These are some aspects about the debate between sulfate less and sulfate filled shampoos. The votes are in favor of chemical free shampoo which suit dry, colored, or curly hair.

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