Details of the Electrical Muscle Stimulator Machine

Patients who are partially or totally immobilized need a muscle stimulator tool for their rehabilitation. The tool might be used by training athletes to add strength to their muscles. Others use it a preventive tool to restrict the progress of muscular atrophy. In this, electrical impulses are generated and transferred by electrodes to the skin of the subject. These electrodes are placed near the muscles that need stimulation. The action of stimulation occurs in a manner similar to that which originates from the central nervous system.

Multi-utility value of the stimulator

Due to the high efficacy of the muscle stimulation method, it has become a parallel sports training method. Ever since Luigi Galvini showed in 1761 that electric stimulation caused sustained changes in the muscles, sportsmen and women have used this method of gaining strength. The results of electrical stimulation with a Mini Muscles stimulator was comparable to those obtained from ordinary weight training one would normally use. Of late, it has come to light that different types of Electrical Muscle Stimulation can cause different degrees of adaptation of the muscle fibres, especially the skeletal muscle fibres. By changing the nature of the stimulation, one could improve different characteristics such as the fatigue resistance or force production. This proves immensely helpful when one wants specific functionality of a group of muscles. For instance, sprinters will want to improve their calf muscles while throwers need better muscles in the arms.

Not a weight loss device


In this way, EMS find use as a therapeutic tool for those who have injuries, and as a training tool for athletes who want to improve their muscle quality. Further, people who want to give their appearance a boost, can use the EMS to achieve dramatic results. The devices cannot be used to lose weight since for losing weight one must utilise the entire body including the heart and respiratory system when burning calories for the effect to be permanent. This is to refute claims that this muscle stimulation can make you lose weight.

When one follows up the EMS with exercises, the chances of developed an overall toning and hence weight reduction is a possibility. Yet, doubts remain whether this method can prove suitable for sportspersons to become ‘super fit’. The main uses of the muscle stimulator would be:

  • Reduction of oedema
  • Muscle re-education
  • Strengthen muscles

Working of the machine

Two types of current impulses are used through the muscle stimulator. One is the Faradic current and the other is the Galvanic current. The Faradic current stimulates innervated muscles and helps re-educate the muscles. It produces a pumping action to increase venous and lymphatic return. The Galvanic current stimulated denervated muscles by non-continuous action. Patients with neuralgia and myalgia will benefit through this. They are used for arthrosis deformities and iontophoresis.

One can get several brands of pulse muscle stimulators on the market today. The muscle stimulator machine price in India ranges from Rs2504 to Rs3601 per unit. One must be careful, however, not to use any machines for therapy without proper instruction and supervision.

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