Join the Team to Play Dodgeball Leeds and have Great Fun

An outing to a park with trampolines is always a special moment. It’s the time when all family members get to have joy from fitness, entertainment and sports together. Kids feel the most delighted as the park gives them every opportunity and activity to have a rocking time. From jumping to bouncing to flying to falling etc. – the options are truly endless when one wants to have high-quality fun.

And then there is the favourite game of dodgeball. Almost everyone goes crazy playing this game. The game can be competitive and fun at the same time. One can play it with or against friends or pals or family members. The pleasure of beating the best buddy may spur you on and you also won’t like praises to go other way in dodgeball Leeds.

You will enjoy playing dodgeball on a spongy surface for many reasons, including:

Bouncy surface doubles the joy

You may not have played dodgeball on a spongy surface before, and this is something worth giving a try. You know the joy you used to have on hard surface is going to grow further on the soft one.

Join an open match

It’d great fun to become a part of an open match. This way, one can play with or against players or all levels and have great fun. So, even if you reach alone at any park with trampolines, be rest assured of playing your favourite game in the desired way.

Exhibition of defending skills

Dodgeball brings a great opportunity to try and exhibit defending skills of highest merit. You have to evade and duck so that ball does not strike you. You can go air-borne or show some amazing aerials tricks and move to defend yourself from being hit.

Play worry-free and win the game

As you know the surface beneath is spongy and bouncy, all your worries are gone. Knowing this, you can express yourself fully and play well to defeat anyone in the arena. You can show amazing defence skills and physical alertness to go on win the game.


It’s clear than playing dodgeball on trampolines is an unrivalled fun. And then there are kids parties in Leeds to mix the joy from two different worlds. Once your kids reach the park, let them have the best of time and enjoy great freedom. You just sit quietly at a corner and watch you wards get all the fun in the world.

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