Do You Know When You Should Not Get Botox?

Botox is a drug used to treat certain muscular conditions, and also for cosmetic surgery for removing wrinkles from the face by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles. This cosmetic treatment is only applicable to the uppermost part of your face, reducing the facial wrinkles using aesthetic injections. Mostly, women above the age of 30 years opt for such treatments.

If we want to feel good, then we should go for the treatment. The treatment is done after a lot of tests, and after proper concession from the doctor, the procedure is carried out. It is stated that this Botox cosmetic has become the most popular non-invasive treatment method in the last year.

However, some of us are still in a dilemma whether to avail Botox treatment or not; whether the treatment is right for our face and skin or not. Anyhow, we should avoid getting a Botox treatment in the following cases:

Right before or a week before a big event

Botox treatment starts to show its effect after the three days of the treatment. However, it usually takes around two weeks entirely to display the result. If there is a big event ahead, then plan to get the Botox cosmetic treatment before 3 weeks or more. Just in case, if it is an emergency, then contact the cosmetic surgeon for a facial surgery instead to make you look beautiful and fresh.

When a woman is pregnant

It is strictly advised to pregnant women not to go for a Botox treatment. Botox paralyzes the skin, which as a side effect may lead to the contraction of the muscles; this can be fatal for the baby growing inside the womb. So, the doctor advises women who are pregnant and breastfeeding to stay away from the treatment. However, women can have the surgery once they pass this phase.

When our skin does not require the treatment

If a person has a skin disorder, then it is strictly advised not to go for the treatment. Always get a Botox when the skin or face is ready. Otherwise, the face may get swollen, or there will be difficulties while eating as the treatment does not suit every skin/face. Hence, always contact the doctor and ask for other processes to rejuvenate the skin.

When there is a volume loss and reduction in skin elasticity

Botox is effective in reducing the facial wrinkles, especially in the upper face like furrows between the brows, forehead and crow’s feet. It cannot treat a saggy face or skin which is losing its volume due to aging. It works best on the dynamic wrinkles that result from the repetition of muscle movement resulting in the reduction of wrinkles. So, the sagging face is treated by other treatment options.

The treatment is done by using aesthetic injections, injected only into the wrinkled areas. So, there is no chance of the treatment going wrong and affecting other parts of the face. However, always make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid any difficulties ahead in future.


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