How To Lose Weight Without Losing Muscles

Would you like to know how to lose weight and develop your muscles at the same time? Today we will explain how to achieve it and thus have the desired body as soon as possible.

  1. Slimming And Gaining Muscle Simultaneously Is Possible.

You may have heard the myth that losing weight and gaining muscles at the same time is simply impossible . And if it occurs to you to ask why it is not possible, they will surely answer that it is a completely different process of our body.

To lose weight it is essential to have a caloric deficit of around 300 kcal. Muscle development, on the other hand, needs a caloric surplus of about 300 kcal.

Although it seems impossible to meet both requirements simultaneously, today’s article will convince you that this statement is not entirely true.

  1. How To Achieve It

If you are starting to play sports , you may lose little weight during the first weeks even though you can already see big changes in your body. This is because your muscles are not accustomed to training and react to this unusual effort growing even if you are eating with a caloric deficit . The new muscle mass gained will also spend more energy even when you are wandering on the couch, which favors fat loss in a lasting way .

Strength training is therefore a time well spent for both weight loss and muscle development.

Losing Weight And Developing The Muscles At The Same Time Is Complicated If You Are An Advanced Athlete

It is true that if you have been doing strength sport for some time, it  will be more difficult for you to develop your muscles without losing weight . This is because your muscles now grow much slower than at the beginning. It is nevertheless possible to achieve it if you coordinate your training and your feeding perfectly according to the specific goal you have set for yourself.

  1. The Best Way To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle

If you want to lose weight while developing your muscles, you will need to follow a balanced nutritional for which you can use Amazon promo codes to get best discounts and training plan . The meals should therefore be balanced, so that your muscles have all the nutrients they need to grow healthily. From time to time you can obviously resort to a pair of healthy fitness snacks .

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In a nutshell: to lose weight and exercise your muscles in a healthy way, you must take into account the following 3 aspects :

  1. The right training stimulus. It is necessary for your muscles to grow.
  2. The food is proper . It will give you more energy and protein.
  3. The resting phase . It is necessary for your body to regenerate and develop.

Most Appropriate Types Of Training

Strength and endurance training is particularly appropriate for the goal of fat loss and muscle development . Training routines such as HIIT , Tabata , or circuit training intensely stimulate your muscles and fat burning and also facilitate the post-combustion effect . This effect causes your body to continue burning more calories hours after training.

How To Plan The Feeding Correctly

The organization and proper food are the key to lose weight and develop the muscles effectively. Foods that take you out for a long time will help you, for example, reduce the amounts in your meals.

If you want to achieve both objectives simultaneously, you must devise a nutritional plan that complements perfectly with your training. Balanced meals are essential. But … What do we mean by balanced? To meet this requirement, your meals must contain:

  1. Proteins from, for example, poultry, skimmed quark, legumes or tofu.
  2. Carbohydrates from rice, potatoes, whole grain products or oatmeal.
  3. Healthy vegetable fats such as olives, nuts, avocado or animal fats from fish.
  4. A good amount of vegetables to meet the daily needs of dietary fiber and important vitamins

If you want to find out how many calories you need per day, with our free calorie calculator you can easily calculate your average calorie needs per day . You must then cover those needs trying to privilege proteins as sources of calories to the detriment of carbohydrates and fats .

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During the muscle definition stages we recommend a daily consumption of about 1.4 g of protein per kilo of body weight. In this way, your muscles will have a sufficient amount of protein to develop. Your body will meanwhile get less carbohydrates and fats that would easily become michelines. This implies that you must resort to the available energy reserves, thus contributing to the gradual reduction of body fat .


  1. Losing weight and developing the muscles simultaneously is much easier if you are starting to play sports.
  2. Gaining muscle mass and losing weight simultaneously becomes more complicated for advanced athletes.
  3. Strength and resistance training are the most appropriate if you want to lose weight and gain muscle.
  4. Training routines such as HIIT, Tabata or circuit training will help you achieve this.
  5. Muscle development favors lasting weight loss.
  6. Proteins are indispensable for muscle development.



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