Don’t Make These Five Mistakes If You Want to Lose Weight on the Treadmill

Can you lose weight running on this machine? Yes. Should you know how to run on it? Too. It wasn’t going to be all that easy.

“You get on the machine, you run and in a couple of months you will have lost a lot of weight,” I heard one day in a gym. Obviously, it was a conversation between two friends and I soon understood that they had no idea how the human body or the treadmill work. And it’s not that I’m very smart, that too. There are many personal trainers who ensure that treadmills are very effective, but only if you know how to use them.

Exact. Not everything is getting on and running. There are some factors, both of the machine and your attitude when facing it, that will determine the results you get. So, and without further delay, here are the five mistakes you should never make if you want to lose weight on the treadmill.

Not strive

One of the biggest problems of the treadmill is that you get used to a certain rhythm and time from which it is very difficult to take off. That is, you establish a comfort zone with which, inevitably, your body does not make more effort than necessary. So, dear ones, we will not lose weight in life. Therefore, what you should do is introduce a few sprints into your routine every few minutes so that your heart level rises and you burn more calories in less time.

Running on plain

Treadmills have a wonderful system that allows you to run on a slope. Miracle! Exact. With a single button you can choose the degrees of inclination you want. However, running on costs, costs, worth the redundancy. Even so, it is the only option if you want to tone your lower train. Are you not convinced by the fact that you can boast smooth thighs and legs? OK. What if I tell you that your ass will defy the force of gravity if you do? Well, that.

In addition, if you introduce slopes in your tour, this will help you prepare in case at any time you embark on the adventure of running down the street or in full nature. You are welcome.

Do the same routine every day

Just as it is not good that you do not strain and that your body does not leave its comfort zone (hello first mistake), neither is it that you do the same race every day. The reason? Again, your muscles will get used to and stop straining. So, what you should do is change the speed, adjust the incline and vary the duration of the race every day. Wow, don’t do the same route two days in a row . Oh, and if one or two days a week you are unfaithful to the treadmill with the elliptical, your body will thank you too.

Don’t set goals

Why do you think you should not wear results in the case of the treadmill? Many people think, again, that it is running and that’s it. Well, no. You must think of something that motivates you. And the best thing is that it can be anything. From running a kilometer without stopping, going up and down slopes for five minutes, training as if you were preparing a marathon … The only thing you should think about is that that goal you set should be according to your needs and not be too demanding. It should keep you motivated so that you don’t catch mania on the treadmill. You and she are a team. Do not forget.

Binge on food later

When we get off the treadmill, we all feel powerful. That’s how it is. And we are, but not when it comes to food. The mistake is that these machines usually show you the calories you burned during your workout. A calculation that is normally a little higher than that corresponding to reality. What’s wrong with this? Well, we trust each other and go straight to the fridge . That is, what was eaten for what was served. Thus, many trainers recommend not trusting that indication of calorie loss and enjoy a healthy meal or snack just after setting foot on firm ground.


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