Metal Building That Pays Off: The Advantages of Customization

The structural steel market in the U.S. is around $47.32 billion in 2023 and is expected to be around $62.81 billion in 2028. High-quality construction raw materials are in demand both for residential and commercial buildings. The steel market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% to reach a market value of $166 billion by 2023 end globally [source: website].

Whether in the industrial or residential sector, people nowadays prefer fast installation with minimal maintenance service requirements. This is where custom metal buildings shine. Without any further ado, let’s quickly dive into how & why metal structures are taking over the construction world.

Have a look at some of the advantages of having custom metal buildings.


You can expect to pay anywhere between $10 to $25 per square foot for a custom metal building. For a wooden structure, the same goes up about $36 per sq. ft. The exact price depends on the amount of customization done and the size of the building.

Tip: Length costs less than width. Hence, you can have the same square footage area when you choose 40 ft. width x 60 ft. length rather than 60 ft. width x 40 ft. length, but with less cost. Remember that you are buying the weight of the steel. The more the weight, the costlier it would be.

Minimal upkeep

Galvanized steel is meant to resist rusting and last long. Occasional pressure washing at the lowest setting and wiping with a cloth is all that is needed. No need to monitor your custom steel building every now and then.

Further, you don’t need to have pest inspection and control for steel frame posts. The chances of termites’ colonies buildings, rotting & decaying structures are next to zero. The growth of molds, fungi, and mildew are slim as well.

Usually, for larger structures, metal dealers suggest the option of a vertical roof. That’s because they have vertical ridges that run to the ground and slide off all debris, dirt, dead leaves, twigs, etc., by the force of gravity. So, you don’t have to clean it whenever there is rain, wind or snow.

Property value

Properly insulated metal structures are robust. Moreover, the steel strength-to-weight ratio is high. So, eventually, these structures will stand the test of time. What does these all mean for you? Well, it means more value to your property.

Steel structures are heavy-duty, and structural integrity remains intact as time passes. Your metal structure won’t decay or rot, so that you can get more value from it. A decade-old stick-built structure won’t be as strong as a steel structure. This will definitely affect the market price.

Any extra square footage added to your property is a plus point when you sell it.

Building codes

When you buy a Steel building, do not forget to talk to your metal supplier about your local authority rules and guidelines that you would need to follow. Failure to do so can result in a penalty or removal of the whole metal structure from your land. That would be painful.

In general, custom metal buildings are made to fit the local municipal rules and building codes. This is to ensure the safety of people inside and for the safety of the neighborhood. A customized structure is necessary if the local regulations demand it.

Different areas have rules according to the climatic conditions. For example, Florida is prone to hurricanes, and Arizona is prone to seismic activities, so their rules will vary.

Installation time

Aha! This one is gold. The installation of metal structure is quick, clean & needs less manpower. So, you have a lot of savings here. Let’s see how.

Raw materials are pre-cut & pre-drilled at the factory. Then, the whole structure is brought to the construction site, where a group of workers assembles it. So, less time is needed. Since cutting, drilling, and measurements are already done, fewer workers are required. So, less labor charges.

Further, you can start early. If it is a residential building, you can start using it without too much cleaning. Only some metal shaving needs to be removed, which you can do yourself. If it is a commercial building, you can start operating & generating revenue sooner.


If you have planned it at the time of designing, custom metal buildings are easier to expand. All you need to do is –
Remove the load-bearing end walls.
Add steel side panels to increase its length.
Finally, fasten the load-bearing end wall back.
And we are done, that’s it.

Isn’t that simple? We thought so, too. Make sure that you talk to your metal dealer about the possibility of expansion in the future to get things done seamlessly.

Floor plan

With wood buildings, there is a limit on how much space you can have as an open plan. The bigger the space, the more support columns and beams are needed to hold the structure in place. But that is not the case with steel structures.

Custom steel buildings offer seamless floor plans – no support columns, more use of square footage. This is because steel has high tensile strength and can bear more load.


Are you worried about metal structures being blunt and dull from the outside? Those days are far behind. Nowadays, you can have unique & appealing designs. You can choose between various materials for exterior design, such as glass finish, concrete blocks, LED lighting, and other facade options.

You can choose your metal structure to look rustic, modern, or your company’s trademark look.

Energy saving

A high amount of power consumption is a big issue, especially when energy costs rise after the pandemic. Every homeowner is looking to cut costs on utilities, and businesses keep looking to cut operational costs. So, minimizing power is a must.

Insulated metal structures can save you energy. Go for higher R-value insulators for metal side panels and roofs. You lose 25% of heat via the roof alone. Insulating the roof can reduce your energy bill by 15%. You can save on energy bills with proper methods, air sealing, and insulating your building.

In general, it can be said that:

Known for its extreme versatility and high reusability, steel buildings have gained momentum in recent years. With options like customization and column-free structure, it has become a top choice among residential and industrial sectors. So, you can boldly go for a custom metal building as your new preference.

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