What You Need to Know About Flying on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline in the United States that flies to over 90 destinations in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean. However, it’s important to note that their airfares are basic and do not include many services that other traditional airlines offer for free. With Spirit Airlines, you’ll have to pay extra for almost everything – from printing your boarding pass at the airport to choosing your seat, and even for in-flight beverages.

If Spirit Airlines provides flights to your desired destination at the best price, you might wonder if it’s a good option. This article will explore some of the unique aspects of Spirit Airlines, helping you decide whether it’s the right choice for your upcoming trip.

Spirit Airlines Reputation

When you check what people are saying about Spirit Airlines online, you’ll find a lot of harsh criticism. This negativity is also seen in the ratings given by various websites based on customer reviews.

However, if you take a closer look, you’ll observe a common theme. Many of the complaints about the airline stem from two main factors:

Fees for Everything: Spirit Airlines charges fees for almost everything, except for a basic seat from one place to another.

Limited Schedule and No Interline Agreements: Spirit Airlines has a limited flight schedule, and it doesn’t have agreements with other airlines for seamless connections.

Understanding these aspects can help you better interpret the criticisms and form your own opinion about Spirit Airlines.

What Fees Will I Pay with Spirit Airlines?

When you fly with Spirit Airlines, you’ll encounter fees for various things, unlike some other airlines. It’s important to know these charges in advance to avoid surprises. Here are some fees you should be aware of:

Checked and Carry-On Bags:

Make sure to purchase your baggage allowance when booking your trip or add it later. If you wait until you’re at the airport, the fees for both carry-on and checked bags increase significantly.

While Spirit Airlines doesn’t have a fixed schedule for baggage fees, you can check the current prices on their optional fees page.

As an example, using a standard ticket for a Spirit Airlines flight from Austin to Atlanta:

  • $36 if you book on Spirit.com.

  • $38 if you purchase before online check-in.

  • $44 during online check-in.

  • $89 if you check in at the airport.

  • $99 if you wait until you’re at the gate.

Understanding these fees will help you plan and avoid unexpected expenses when flying with Spirit Airlines.

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Eating Selection with Spirit Airlines

When flying with most traditional airlines, even if you don’t have special flyer status, you can usually choose your seat ahead of time on non-basic economy tickets. But with Spirit Airlines, it’s a different story – you’ll have to pay to select your seat, whether it’s before or after check-in. If you want to avoid being stuck in a middle seat, be prepared to spend anywhere from $1 to $200 for a regular seat assignment.

The prices for seat selection can vary based on your travel plans, and it’s usually low-cost if you choose your seats when you book your flight.

Getting your boarding pass at an airport kiosk is not free with Spirit Airlines. You’ll need to pay $25 for the privilege of getting your boarding pass at the airport.

Unlike many other airlines, Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer free drinks onboard. Whether you want water, soda, or a small snack, you’ll have to pay around $7. If you’re looking for more substantial food or other drinks, the cost can go up to $38 or more.

Spirit’s lower on-time performance and higher cancellation rate mean you should be prepared for potential schedule disruptions when flying with them. Unfortunately, due to Spirit’s schedule and lack of agreements with other airlines, they may not be well-prepared to handle unexpected situations.

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