How Opportune the Field of AI really Is?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two separate sections of a field and the terms, despite being closely related to each other, cannot and should not be used interchangeably. However, if we are talking about a career in ML i.e. machine learning, it is only just to talk about AI too.

AI has come out of the science fiction and become an integral part of many industries. In fact, five out of every six Americans use AI on a daily basis in some form or the other. Hence, no matter who you are and where you are from, you can consider a career in the field of AI. And studying machine learning is one of the best ways to move towards a career in artificial intelligence.

A new job market

Predictions are that AI will have created 2.3 million jobs by the end of 2020 while having removed 1.7 million jobs from the market. That means there will be around half a million new jobs for which there are not enough takers. The skill has been a huge issue that has bugged the big data analytics industry and is going to bug the AI industry too.

Understanding AI

Artificial intelligence as we know it today has three stages.

  • Machine learning : This refers to training machines through algorithms to perform tasks which they have not been manually programmed for. This requires a significant amount of time and data. We can use a simple example to understand this. Suppose you have shown the machine a picture of a cat, a mouse, an elephant and a rattlesnake and put in adequate information about those animals. Let us say it is the training data. Now, if you show a picture of a bird to it, it will automatically recognize it as something different from what it has been shown. Then again if you show a picture of a python to it, it will recognize that it is a snake by the various data points related to its physical structure, but it will also recognize that it is not a rattlesnake.
  • Machine intelligence : This is an evolved form of machine learning with improved cognitive powers.
  • Machine consciousness : It is when the machine can learn from experience without any manually entered data.

These principles currently reside at the core of numerous AI driven services, which are apparently simple but have a complex network of processes underneath. Siri, the AI assistant built into the IPhones is an instance of machine consciousness. Among the other usages of the AI there are recommendation services in various e-commerce sites. A lot of AI driven chat bots are making life easier for companies and customers. We are pretty close to getting the fully automated cars. Natural language processing has touched unprecedented feats and so has image processing. The crux of the matter is that AI has opened up more opportunities than it has removed. If you undergo a machine learning course in Gurgaon, you stand a chance of being a part of this fascinating field.

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