How to Properly Care for Curly Hair for Kids

You have mastered the art of taking care of your straight hair, and you can even be out the door in five minutes or less. However, the routine you use to take care of your straight hair is different from that of your curly haired kid. Kids who have curly hair look adorable, but having such kind of hair comes with its challenges.

You have to be cautious if you have children with natural curly hair. You have to learn the dos and don’ts if you want them to have a smooth experience and one that they will love and enjoy. In this guide, we will discuss some of the hair care tips you can use for your curly-haired child.

9 Tips to Use for Kids with Curly Hair Types

Wash the hair less frequently

If you have a child who has curly hair, you should avoid washing their hair too often. Washing the hair often makes the hair dry and dull. You can clean the hair at least twice a week.

Also, instead of washing the hair with a shampoo, make a habit of washing it with a conditioner instead. Using shampoos on this type of hair may strip off the moisture and natural oils, leaving the hair dry and prone to damage.

Don’t use towels on their hair

You can wrap your child in a towel when they got off the shower. However, keep the towel away from kids with long curly hair.  A regular towel is dense for the curls, and they may cause hair to frizz. Instead, take that old t-shirt you rarely wear and dry their curly hair with it.

Wet Brush

When you have a young one, you need to have curly hair toddler products close by. The Wet Brush is one of those products you need to have. Some brushes might look similar and claim to be the best fit for kids with curly hair. But don’t get duped stick with the name brand. This brush detangles the hair with less pulling making it child friendly on your toddler’s hair.

Have a spray bottle

You would not want your child to keep on screaming every time you try to brush their hair. You should only brush their hair when it’s wet to prevent it from becoming frizzy. This does not mean that you need to wash your baby’s hair every time. You can use a spray bottle to dampen the hair before brushing it.

Try using your fingers

Using your fingers on your child’s wet hair is another great tip that every parent should try. Use your fingers on the damp and conditioned hair to detangle the curls that have lost their direction. Twirling your finger in the direction of the hair cur will help it to remain bouncy and in place.

Protective Styling

You can use protective styling once a week after washing your child’s hair to reduce the number of tangles. You can opt to braid the hair. If you find braiding a bit hard, you can try toddler curly hairstyles like banding. Hair banding is another way of unfolding the curls naturally without using heat.

Restrain from using negative comments

Dealing with curly hair is no walk in the park. If you have straight hair, you might need to educate yourself on how to manage curly hair. There may be times when you don’t have enough patience.

However, avoid passing on negative comments to your kids while trying to manage their long curly hair. Your kid has no idea what it takes to maintain their hair. By saying negative comments or judgmental comments you might trigger negative feelings in your child towards her curls, and this, in return, may make them develop body image-related problems. Instead of complaining, try to praise them on how beautiful their hair is.

Use the right products

You must know your child’s hair type and texture before choosing hair products. This will help you get the right products suitable for that particular hair type. You should select products that are silicone and sulfate-free.

If you are not sure what kind of products to pick, you can talk to a professional hairstylist to help you make an informed decision.


Another tip of curly hair toddler care is to use accessories such as a headband on the front row until the hair in the front meets the one at the back. You will have to get creative by using lots of bows and front braid till her hair is evenly grown.

Curly hair is gorgeous, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain and style. With the above tips, you are sure to take care of layered curly hair with ease making your kids enjoy the process.

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