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It has been shown that technology is included in the study techniques for children , and thanks to it, children have a very visual learning , because they are carried away by the images and colors that a text can have in order to memorize in a simple way. the content. The best technique there is to apply the use of an online concept map , which outline the ideas and make a boring class into something didactic with what they can interact with.
There are many study techniques for children on the web with which you can create conceptual maps on your pc and in this way teach your child to translate ideas into schemes to facilitate the understanding of tedious readings or you can simply help them to do the task, we can currently download Cmaptools for Windows , ideal for the creation and design of concept maps.

There are even teachers who interact in the creation of content and share it to exchange projects and thus make the use of concept maps shared something global and simple, in fact even in the current modalities of online learning in some schools, these concept maps have been the BOOM that has made life easier for many. And not only in schools, these study techniques for children help many people around the world who have gone down the path of online education, they can do projects facilitating tutoring to children who do not understand topics in class and require help outside. of classes. Or they simply want to follow an extra curricular course such as learning a new language, advanced math, music lessons.

Study techniques for children: Conceptual map

The conceptual map takes a large amount of information and transforms it into simple ideas to digest, that fact transforms it into one of the best study techniques for children who have problems to learn, especially to memorize dates and important numbers, as for example in history classes or follow-up of steps in a natural science class.

In schools in countries such as Spain , technology is increasingly used, using computers and advanced study programs to encourage learning in young people, education has changed and with it the techniques with which children learn today. The use of images, videos, slide presentations and mainly the technique of schematizing ideas has gained prominence in education.
The use of concept maps can also be complemented with other study techniques for children , such as:

  • The taking of notes to improve the memory by means of the mechanical action of writing.
  • Underlining important titles or ideas in a text with bright colors
  • Reading (in addition to being basic) making children read will improve long-term memory and as you grow up memorizing texts will be a piece of cake.
  • Offer information such as songs or games so you can interact with the material and for it to be a learning game (suitable for young children)
  • Discuss ideas with a study group.

The world is going through the age of technology, which has shown that it is here to stay. The little ones are not left behind, everywhere there are millions of children who have learned to use a Smartphone before saying their first words; Children are born smarter every day and with this their learning becomes more demanding. It must be more visual, more striking, so that any of the study techniques for children is effective .

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