Streamlining the Hiring Process for Engineers

In the current workforce, the majority of employees are from an engineering background. With a higher number of applicants from the field, the need to hire the right person with technical acumens as well as adeptness and aptitude is fast becoming essential. Moreover, it is further necessary for organizations to reduce the time and cost spent per hire while also maintaining the quality of hire. This is a tasking job, and the use of assessment tests for engineers goes a long way towards making this possible.

The various types of tests available for engineers are as follows.

Aptitude tests
This is particularly important in judging the fit and quality of an engineer. These tests are generally framed with the different technical requirements of each different engineering stream in mind. Actionable metrics are usually used to analyse both the analytical skills as well as the engineering skills of the candidate. These tests can be filtered according to the job roles and industry that the candidate is being chosen for. These tests fall into the category of cognitive tests and can uniquely map to each job role. They are also updated with content to adapt to the changing times. Some of the specific tests are Automation testing with QTP, Tableau Developer Assessment, and UI/UX Developer Assessment to name a few.

Coding tests
Coding tests can be used for assessment of backend prowess, analysis of hands-on ability with mobile tech, any and all frontend skills and for any and all database skills. While using the test, this allows for the company to set a relevant and customizable benchmark according to the competency framework or job role or both. Coders can be assessed on every tool and software. These tests are an excellent way to judge the candidate for performance as they can also provide insights into the candidate journey, i.e., the patterns behind the approach taken by the coder towards solving a specific problem. Different levels of time and complexity can moreover be set in order to simulate a real work atmosphere and therefore, judge the level of performance and efficiency a coder would bring to the table during their employment as well.

Recruitment tests
These tests are used to assess fresh graduates and index them as per the job requirement. This makes the process of hiring new employees fresh from college less expensive and lengthy, with an increase in the quality of talent employed. The reports framed by these tests are generally designed to give an in-depth analysis at a glance.

Several large organizations use these assessment tests to identify and hire engineers who are suitable for specific job roles. These tests can measure technical knowledge (basic concepts of Engineering), the ability to analyse issues using logical reasoning to solve problems and the ability to communicate effectively in English which includes the ability to express ideas and reasoning precisely and clearly. Along with this, it judges the ability for data analysis and numerical solving. This helps get engineers who can perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Assessment tests for engineers, in this way, are a great help to companies.

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