Top 10 Hotels to Stay Cheap in Copenhagen

When visiting this city of Spires and capitals of Danes on a budget, it can get difficult to find a place to crash. However, we have dedicated this article to help you find top 10 cheap hotels in Copenhagen. These places are not only a bed in a room, they are actually great places to stay; with some employing boutique rooms, roof terraces, spas, bars, restaurants, and breakfasts. These hotels are also located near renowned Copenhagen landmarks such as Nyhavn, the statue of Little Mermaid, Botanic Gardens, National Gallery and etc. So enjoy your stay in any of these budget-friendly hotels and make the most of your trip.

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1/10: Ibsens Hotel

This hotel is almost 100 years old and is truly an imaginative and modern place to live. It employs more than 118 rooms for its guests, so there is no chance you will find it overbooked in any season. This hotel maintains a boutique room, with a retro atmosphere. You can also enjoy walking in its outdoor courtyards along with some drinks in the lounge. The accommodation starts from £88 per night, which is pretty accountable to anyone, given its class and uniqueness.

2/10: Wakeup Copenhagen Carsten Niebuhrs Gade

Built as a 2-star hotel, this budget-friendly hotel is hard to beat when it comes to value your money. Its rooms are cleanly designed and rooms on the higher floors have a great view of the city. Their accommodation rate is as low as £77 per night.

Although the reason behind such low prices is the limited service they offer. But it is still plenty, considering you are on a budget-friendly trip and there is a whole city at your service.


3/10: Axel Guldsmeden

Located on Vesterbro, this retreat of Bohemian Balinese is just a few meters away from the Central Station. One of its best features is a cozy spa, which is candlelit and strewn with cushions. You can also release your stress with a steam bath and a hot tub. Although there is no restaurant, you can relax in an armchair in its courtyards. Enjoy all that Axel Guldsmeden has to offer in a lowly £98 per night.

4/10: Quality Airport Hotel Dan

A reasonably priced hotel near the airport, Dan is considered a three-star hotel with a fitness center in its basement. The rooms are spacious with comfy beds, but bathrooms are quite small. They also happen to have a bookshelf in the lobby, so if you have some leisure time on your hands, you know what to do. Although it is near to the airport, you can still hear no noticeable noise from the aircraft. The prices are as low as £106 per night.

5/10: Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade

Although a 2-star hotel, it has every ingredient to make it a high demand stop for anyone visiting The City of Spires. For this reason, always try to book it in advance. With great designed rooms, friendly staff and computers for you to use, it is a perfect choice for any tourist find accommodation here. They also offer bikes for rent at a lowly £14 for 24 hours. Although rooms are a little dense, they are quite bright and cleverly designed to have enough space for your luggage and everything. Prices start from £114 per night.

6/10: Babette Guldsmeden

Best for a personal stay, this sloppy hotel uses organic and maintainable products. This hotel is also one of the budget-friendly places to enjoy a corporate stay. Located in the central city, it offers steam baths, saunas, small roof, sun loungers and other important things.

This place has decent rooms, with mounted TVs, and posters for all its esteemed guests. So enjoy your stay here and value your money. The price for one night starts at £104.

7/10: First Hotel Kong Frederik

This hotel is designed in a very traditional British style but also employs an Italian restaurant and an airy atrium. You can wind dark wood furniture in all the rooms, along with Jensen beds, and a minibar with free soft drinks. You can also enjoy services of a spa, bikes for hire, and other amazing discounts on places nearby. The prices start from £122 per night, but your money is completely valued during your stay.

8/10: Copenhagen Island

This hotel was made to attract corporate and business travelers but has shifted its focus to all the tourists visiting Copenhagen. Located at harbor-front, it is sleekly designed with clean furniture and bathroom. You can find saunas on the fifth floor, along with a great view of the water. The rate starts from £129 per night.

9/10: First Hotel Mayfair

This hotel was converted from multiple 20th-century townhouses in the Vesterbro region. It offers a great service at competitive prices. You can find a fitness room in the basement, complete staff at all hours, bikes for rent at just £17 per day and comfortable rooms to stay. The rent for one night is £153 only.

10/10: Cabinn Metro

One of the best hotels in a very low price, this place is always overbooked. So for this reason, always try to find accommodation here almost a month prior to your trip. The rooms are neat and clean and lounge is great. You can find accommodation starting from a lowly price of £70 per night only.

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