5 Reasons Why A Company Should Invest in A Personalised Sports Kit

Like every employer, every employee also has certain basic expectations from their place of work. One of those expectations is a congenial environment with a little fun between the work. This is just the kind of expectation that you as an employer can meet easily. What can be a better fun activity than a quick match? You can choose any sport to engage your employees in this wonderful team-building activity.

Organising a game of sport may appear a tad challenging, but contrary to common beliefs, it is in fact quite easy. All you need to do is find a suitable venue, fix a date, circulate the notice and wait for the big day. If it is the first time your company is organising a sports event for its people, then you may want to fetch each player a sports kit. Now, no need to fret, because like every other thing about this event, ordering personalised sports kit is easy and a lot of fun too.

You can easily personalise your sports kit by using free online 3D Kit Designers available at manufacturers like Zapkam. Using these kit designers, you can easily choose a style of your sportswear, and add your choice of colours, numbers, logos, and initials. Once you have your perfect design ready to order, simply select the sizes and quantity and that’s it. You can place the order and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

So, why it is that you should invest in a personalised sports kit?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Providing your employees with a personalised sports kit would give them a sense of community and identity. It would also promote a sense of company pride amongst the employees, not just the participating employees but those in the audience as well since they can buy the merchandise anyway to support their favorite teams.
  2. It can bring people from different departments together and break the ice easily because they can learn each other’s names by looking behind each other’s backs.
  3. It can help you create a successful business image when all your employees are supporting company’s logo and wearing coordinated designs.
  4. Taking group pictures of your employees during the event and posting it on your company’s pages on leading social media sites like LinkedIn can be a brilliant marketing strategy to promote your company as an employer and attract fresh talent from the job market.
  5. With repetitive use of these personalised sports kits, you would in fact be creating a brand identity for your company. When your employees would sport these personalised sports kits during various events, it would increase visibility and create an enviable brand identity for your organisation.

You can win the hearts of both present and prospective employees through little investment in organising the event and creating your own personalised sports kits. You can even set up your own shop online with manufacturers like Zapkam and eliminate the hassle of ordering and reordering the kits yourself. This way, your employees would be able to place the order for themselves and have the manufacturer deliver it directly to their address. It’s a win-win.

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