7 Tips To Remove Stale Sweat Smell From A Sports Kit

As a sportsman it is essential that you know your sport to the finest detail and give your hundred percent to the game, sometimes more. You must also take every hurdle on the field at face value and fight it like a martyr. That way, the victory would be yours; though, there are high chances all those extra efforts would leave your sportswear reeking of sweat smell that is difficult to get rid of. To ensure nothing comes in between you and your sport, not even the concern about stubborn sweat smell, we decided to list down these handy tips for removing sweat smell during wash.

Let’s begin.

Tip #1

After your practice or match, wash your sportswear in bicarb of soda or white vinegar.

Tip #2

You can also choose to use Dettol disinfectant liquid but only for the sweat smell and not the stains. Also, remember not to use a fabric softener on your sportswear for it may not have the desired impact.

Tip #3

With the bicarb solution, you can take a different route by adding the solution in water and soaking your sportswear in it for a couple of hours. This should remove the foul smell and make it as fresh as new.

Tip #4

You can also spray some anti-bacterial stain remover on your sportswear before washing it. This is widely known to have removed stains as well as foul odor.

Tip #5

The varying properties of washing powder and liquid detergent also play a major role in removing smell of sweat from sportswear. In short, washing powder removes sweat smell better than liquid detergents.

Tip #6

Soaking sportswear in Napisan is known to have helped plentyuy, making it an option worth considering. If you choose this option and soak your sportswear in Napisan, make sure you wash it without fabric conditioner for conditioners hold the smell in. When time is a constraint, simply add Napisan in the wash and you would be good to go.

Tip #7

Another interesting tip you can consider for removing sweat smell is to put in a 40 wash and then line dry your sportswear.

These tips are widely tried and tested and are known to have delivered positive results in removing sweat smell from sportswear. Sportsmen with personalised sports kits have also benefitted strongly from these valuable tips.

Alternatively, manufacturers of sportswear like Zapkam also offer useful washing instructions which you can read and apply to your washing routines. These include instructions such as washing your sportswear at forty degrees, using non-biological detergent and hang-drying your sportswear inside-out.

While the above-mentioned tips are generally applicable for all sportswear, we would suggest you read your sportswear manufacturer’s instructions before washing your sportswear. Also, you must read and follow detergent manufacturer’s instructions before washing. Taking these extra cautions will inform you about how the washing substance/s and technique/s you are using or would be using will fare with your sportswear.

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