5 Best Tea Cups and Mugs Available Online in India

To really understand the allure of tea, you could ask tea lovers across the world what a cup of tea means to them. Tea is much more than just a mere beverage. It’s an emotion, a celebration of ordinary moments in life, to mark milestones in our everyday lives, and a ceremony in itself. There’s a reason why the Japanese have such sophisticated and elegant tea ceremonies. Why the whole of England has a dedicated tea-time that if interrupted is deeply frowned upon! Every time one has to imagine a calming visual, a lot of us usually imagine sitting with a hot cup of tea and curled up with a book. Tea is a feeling!

But this artful and joyous experience deserves a bit of elegance and order to it. For example, if you wanna try a splendid cup of a First Flush Darjeeling Tea and take in its ambrosial aromas – then you need to know the correct way to brew it. To be able to enjoy the magnificence of these wonder-leaves in their purest form, tea must be served in the perfect cup.

There are a variety of ways to drink your tea. Your presentation says a lot about you and the bond you have with your cup of tea. We bring you a list of the five best tea cups online. Which among these is your pick?

5 Best Tea Cups and Mugs Available Online

Vision Espresso Mugs By Borosil

Borosil is a well-known name in households and they have some of the best borosilicate mugs for having your tea. The Vision Espresso Mugs and the Piccolo Cup & Saucer set by Borosil is what we recommend. They came in different sizes and are heat resistant. They can be used roughly with little fear of damage or breakage. What’s more? They are safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave as well. Borosil tea cups and mugs are typified by their conventional clear glass finish and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Available on their website and on Amazon, Borosil has some of the best tea cups online that are the best functional choice.

Shimmer Borosilicate Double-wall Clear Cups by Vahdam Teas

If you are looking for a mix of functionality, quality, and elegance – then we suggest that you check out the amazing tea cups by Vahdam India. Vahdam is a proud Indian brand that is renowned across the globe for its wide variety of garden-fresh teas, revolutionary superfoods, artisanal gifts and its amazing chic and premium range of teaware.

If you like their Turmeric teas, like we do, then go for the gorgeous Shimmer Borosilicate Glass Double wall Clear Cup. The pair of luxurious double-walled clear tea cups are made of 100% Borosilicate glass and are microwave-safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe. The double-wall, in addition to adding to the elegance of the teacups, also prevents condensation on the outer wall. Shatter and scratch resistant, we love these double-wall clear cups.

You can get it directly from Vahdam Teas’ website, where they run a lot of exciting discounts and offers, or from Amazon.

Indico Borosilicate Mugs by Cello

Here’s another amazing set of unassuming yet elegant and functional range of tea cups by the renowned brand Cello. We pick the Indico Borosilicate mugs by the brand that are made of 100% borosilicate clear and non-porous glass. These mugs are not only microwave and dishwasher safe, but they are oven safe as well. The mugs are light and are scratch-resistant, making for a great addition to your teaware!
You can buy tea cups online by visiting Amazon, Big Basket, Limeroad, Celloworld, and Flipkart for all the styles of Cello-ware.

Sparkle Glass Teacup with Infuser by Vahdam Teas

One of the best tea cups online to add to your home brew ware collection is the Sparkle Glass Teacup with Infuser by Vahdam Teas India is a truly revolutionary product. The clear glass teacup has a generous capacity of 500ml and is made of BPA and lead-free Borosilicate glass which is highly durable. Both microwave and dishwasher safe, this product combines functionality with ease of comfort. The best thing about this teacup is that it comes with a detachable 18/8 stainless steel infuser. Once your favorite loose leaf tea is brewed, simply detach the infuser by simply lifting it with the help of the silicone protector ring which does not heat up and also avoids the infuser from scratching the teacup’s rim. You can carry this teacup anywhere, so you can brew both your favorite cup of loose leaf Green Tea or dip in your Black tea tea bags.

Get this wonderful clear tea cup with infuser on Vahdam’s website or on Amazon.

 LaOpala Diva Opalware Anassa Blue Cup and Saucer Set

Over the years, this brand has almost become synonymous with quality opal-ware. We love their aesthetic Diva Opalware cup and saucer set from the Anassa Blue Sovrana Collection is a classy addition to a home’s brew ware. Toughened extra strong, these cups are scratch resistant. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. These tea cups make an ideal companion for a leisurely cup of tea and create the perfect mood with their tasteful design.

Snapdeal, Flipkart, and Amazon are the best places to buy tea cups online by LaOpala.

The perfect tea cups deserve the perfect brew. Whether you crave a strong cup of Masala Chai; a delicate and rare Oolong Tea; your regular healthy dose of Himlayan Green Tea; or a calming bountiful cup of Turmeric herbal tea- premium quality teaware brings out the true character of a garden-fresh tea. We recommend garden-fresh teas from Vahdam’s impressive and wide variety of loose-leaf teas and tea bags. The home-grown brand also has some artisanal gift sets which make for an amazing gift for your loved ones and yourself!

You have all you need here. Has your kettle begun bubbling away yet?



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