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Living in the internet age, we often check the product review online first before diving into the trend. This is also true in trying out steroids, however, you may find it difficult to find genuine steroids review posts on the Internet. Why? Because a number of them are simply promoting a product.

It’s no secret that individuals, and sometimes dozens of individuals, are paid to post positive reviews of a product online without even ever having used it. This is a relatively prevalent practice for a number of manufacturers as well as sellers of products. Especially with the number of Instagram and Facebook influencer that are just looking for some avenues to pay the bill.

So when it comes to looking for legitimate steroids experience logs and testimonials, look for information. Not just paragraphs of anecdotal comments, but solid information.


  1. To verify if the promoter really did use the product here are some telling tips to look out for:

  1. How and why was it used? (Muscle building, weight loss, leaner fat to muscle ratios, libido, to treat a medical condition, etc.)

  1. What brand or generic name of the steroid was used? It is important for the product reviewer to give the specifics of the product he is using or promoting.

  1. What was the milligram strength of the steroid? Did the milligram strength stay the same or did it increase or decrease? This is important to gauge the strength that one should also try if you want to copy the influence.

  1. How frequently did the person inject/apply/consume the steroid? This may cause variation in the result so it’s important to know the cycle he is using.

  1. The age of the individual. While this is not always relevant, it can be in some cases. For example, an older male using testosterone may find results more beneficial because his testosterone levels are declining with age. A younger person with adequate levels of testosterone may not notice the same effects as an older individual.

  1. When it comes to reviewing comments left on the Internet, try to read only those that show the reviewer or poster as a verified purchaser. Even so, just because they have verified purchase next to their comment doesn’t mean they used the product. Again, a number of promoters will pay an individual to purchase the product and write a review. This doesn’t mean that the product was used.

False Advertising

In most cases, and this doesn’t only apply to steroids but other drug or supplemental products, avoid reviews that just claim “amazing” results:

  • “I gained 2 inches in muscle mass and didn’t have to exercise!”

  • “I went from flabby to rip in my sleep!”

  • “I added 3 pounds of lean muscle mass in two weeks with this product!”

When it comes to any steroids review, look for those that are balanced in regard to pros and cons. Look for individuals who might have experienced some side effects. It’s really obvious if the promoter is a sell-out and does not really love the said product.

In most cases, even when a drug is prescribed, there are both benefits and drawbacks to its use. Nearly every drug on the market today has some potential for side effects.

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