Some Tips On Hitchhiking

What is a hitchhiking? This is a specific kind of travel, when you get to the right place by cars and at the same time do not pay anything. Mainly people who are prone to adventures, insane acts and adventures choose this mode of movement. In addition, hitchhiking helps to avoid road expenses, meet new people (often local people), listen to interesting stories and gain new experience. So, if you are a professional traveler, who is looking for new emotions, then you should definitely be prepared to hitchhiking. Here are some tips:


The fewer people with you, the better! You will be more likely to quickly stop the car. However, even if you travel with a company of several people, you can break up into small groups and arrange a small competition. Below we have listed the most common options for hitchhiking:

  • A guy and a girl – an ideal variant. A young couple causes trust, because drivers stop more often.

  • Two girls are less safe, but also good. The main thing is to dress appropriately and behave decently, so as not to cause unnecessary associations.

  • Two guys are a complicated combination for hitchhiking. Drivers who drive alone are sometimes afraid to take adult boys.

  • One girl is a risky option. In addition, although there are many fascinating stories with a happy ending about how girls travel alone, it’s better not to try fate again and find yourself a reliable company.

  • One guy is also a very good option, because there is always a place for one person.

Where to catch the car and how to hitchhike?

Catching a car is really easy. An outstretched hand with a thumb up and a smile on your face are all that is required of you. Seeing such travelers on the roadside, drivers immediately realize that they are going hitchhiking. It is better to catch a car outside the city, right after the sign signifying the departure from the city. In addition, it is not recommended to stop near police posts.

Often on the road there are some obstacles that make drivers slow down: police stations, difficult sections of the road, ramifications and intersections, railway crossings. It’s best to stop cars 20-30 meters after them. Drivers will lose speed and you will have many chances that at least one of them will stop.

Some hitchhikers recommend standing still, others – walking along the curb with your arm raised. Everyone chooses an option for themselves, but, as it seems to us, the second is quite meaningless. Especially if it is summer and there is unbearable heat. It is best to choose a place and stay in the shade. So, you do not overheat in the sun and see everything that happens on the road.

Be sure to remove the sunglasses. It is important for you to catch the driver’s eye and establish eye contact with him. Therefore, there is more chance that he will stop and take you. To facilitate the task and not to explain each time you need to get there, take a cardboard and a marker with you. Write down the city you need on it and you will attract more attention and will not force drivers who are not on your way to stop in vain.

Sometimes drivers show hitchhikers some signs. What do they mean?

  • The driver passes his hand over his throat – all the places in the car are occupied;

  • Shows a finger or a hand to the left / to the right – going to turn soon;

  • Circular movements of the hand – will unfold the car soon;

  • When the car finally stops, turn on all your charm and ask the driver where he is going. If you are on the way, please specify if you can go with him for free. If the answer is positive and the driver does not arouse your fears, sit down safely. In the case when the driver or the company in the cabin does not suit you, we advise to apologize politely and to say that you need to go in the wrong direction.

Do not travel at night

Firstly, if you did not manage to reach your destination, it’s better to rest and continue the journey with new forces in the morning. Secondly, it’s not safe. In the dark, you can hardly see and you can get into an unpleasant story. If you are suggesting a night stop, be sure to bring a reflective waistcoat with you, it will make you visible on the road.

Hitchhiking is always caring new emotions, impressions and acquaintances. If you feel the desire to start traveling in this way, be sure to try it! Be ready for unforgettable experience, romance and experiments. However, do not treat the hitchhiker too blithely. This is also a kind of risk and you always need to be careful.

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