Tips & Tricks for Healthy Hair that you need to follow

Many of you wished to have hair that models flaunt in the ‘hair care advertisements’ on TV, doesn’t it seem to you a far-fetched dream? Well, that’s too much of the exaggerated results, to attract the customers, though, reality has a different story. Putting on expensive branded shampoo on your hair isn’t enough of the healthier choices. Instead, if you use the natural tips and tricks that worked out on our previous readers, you won’t regret spending 8 minutes reading this article and lay hold of the hair beauty tips to give the shine, sturdiness and flaunts in your hair like you see in the TV commercials.

Tie Your Hair When You Go To Sleep

Going to bed with a ponytail or your long floating hair open surely gives you a hard time detangling them every morning. Why don’t you try knotting your hair and then go to bed? Knotting your hair before you go to sleep is important to avoid tangled hair. Tangled hair takes a lot of time in getting free from the knots they are stuck in but the most important thing here is, detangling can loosen the roots of your hair, brushing too much will destroy the shine and when the hairs are knotted with each other, you will see the split ends in your hair and the hair health almost zero. Every night before you start applying the night creams, divide your hair into three parts and make a knot so you don’t lose that amount of hair fall every morning.

Wet Your Hair Often Less (Especially If You Have Long Hair)

It is not madness at all. If you have thin, dry or damaged hair, allow your hair to get wet in only 5 to 7 days. Allow your hairs to lose natural oils and to be retained on the scalp. Even just wetting your hair more often can lead to weak roots and breakage. When the hair gets wet, the shaft swells and makes the weaker hair lose its place and break more quickly. Give your hairs some time to nourish themselves in the natural hair oils of your roots. Also, long hairs get tangled when they get wet and leaving them to dry is itself a risky thing. Tie your hairs so they don’t get messy and you have to wash them every other day and secondly let your hair stay in the open area for longer hours (loosely knotted) so the hair gets to breathe and oils may be soaked into the scalp and they shall not smell bad.

Get Smart About Your Shampoo

Sometimes, your branded expensive shampoo is not working out on your scalp and damaging your hair. Every hair type is different. Particularly it is not important that the product that works on your sister’s scalp can be exactly workable for you too. Inorganic shampoos sometimes carry the sulphate or heavy chemicals that your skin is not ready to absorb and show poor results on your hair. The hair might get rough and dry or you face a lot of hair fall. You might need to change your shampoo, ask a dermatologist or try an organic shampoo that is effective or has more than 95% scalps. You may think that organic shampoos are expensive, but they are not. However, don’t worry about the cost you can always use discount codes for your hair products from Saving Says while shopping online.

Feed Your Scalp Twice A Week (At Least)

While you eat healthily, the nutrients and minerals that revolve around the body mix in your blood and protect your roots. But also your scalp needs an oil massage to relax its roots and get calm. At least, twice a week make a homemade mask or do oiling from the natural oils. From the tip of your fingers massage your scalp so the roots get swollen and eat up the oil with its minerals and a scalp gets a healthy diet from inside out. Some of the best diet for the scalp is,

  1. Fresh onion water
  2. Rosemary oils
  3. Coconut oils
  4. Banana mask
  5. Papaya mask
  6. Aloe Vera gel

With the help of these products, you can always keep your scalp fresh and roots healthy. Bring back the shine of hair and split ends will be avoided utmost.

Keep Your Hair Safe From Heat

Blow-drying, ironing, curling and other hair treatments are so in fashion nowadays but we can still try to avoid it. Any direct heat on your hair or head will damage the hair, make them weak and lose its roots. People who daily heat their hair have experienced a rapid hair fall or rough-dry hair in a quick time. This is the best thing to do to avoid them as much as you can. Here are a few tips you can follow just for the healthy growth of your hair;

  1. Let your hair dry naturally. Do not use any blow dryers.
  2. Before you iron your hair, you use serums and chemical-based products. They are useful but do not work that effectively. Use aloe vera gel instead, before and after you heat your hair.
  3. Avoid direct sun exposure to your head.

Rethink About How You Wash Your Hair

I have witnessed many people who wash their heads wildly. Always treat your hair with love and show them care. Divide the hairs into two portions and let them fall at the front. Wet them and apply shampoo to both parts. With light moves, completely shampoo your hair. Massage your scalp with the fingertips, do it slowly or your hair will break or get tangled. After that, shower your hair with lots of water so no shampoo should stay in the hair. Meanwhile do not touch your hair. After they get wet, detangle them with a wide-tooth comb.

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