How Do You Treat Swollen Feet?

When most people get home from a long day they generally take their shoes off and get their feet up. At the end of the day most people will find that their shoes feel snugger than they did when they put them on. Their feet feel hot and tired. All they look for is how to treat swollen feet?

Gravity is responsible for all of this aching and discomfort. Even people who sit all day find that the fluids and blood in the body will pool in their legs and feet making them swollen and painful. This effect is increased for people who stand or walk all day long. It is because of this that podiatrist’s recommend you shop for new edema shoes in the later part of the day when your feet are swollen.

How feet get swollen?

There are many jobs that aggravate your feet during the day. Traffic police, teachers, salespeople, nurses, postal workers and anyone who is standing and walking during the course of their job will find that their feet ache at the end of the day. People who dance and participate in athletic activities will also find that their feet take a beating and produce soreness and aching at the end of the day. Whether it is because of a job or your activities, most people will suffer from tired aching feet at the end of the day. To relieve their sore foot, they will want to find the most effective and quick remedy.

How to Find Relief?

Sitting in a comfortable chair and put your feet up is the quickest way to find some relief. They should be elevated at least as high as your hips. Take your shoes off and any socks or stockings that you are wearing that are keeping your circulation bound. You are trying to use gravity now to relieve some of the damage that it caused earlier. You should keep your feet elevated for at least thirty minutes to give the swelling a chance to go down.

While you have your feet up you should wiggle your toes and point your feet to get rid of any cramping that may be occurring in your aching feet. This also helps the pooled fluids move out of your foot. You can put your feet up and watch the news on television and still be taking care of your tired sore feet at the same time.

Treating Them Naturally

You should fill a tub with warm comfortable water, once the swelling has gone down. There are footbaths available now that have a whirlpool function. If you really want to pamper your feet, add some Epsom salts or bath salts to the water. For at least thirty minutes you should soak your sore feet.

You should lift them out of the water one at a time and scrub them with a gentle soap and bath brush, once you have finished soaking your feet. Between the toes and all around, wash your feet carefully. Rinse the soap off completely and pat the foot dries with a towel. This is a good time to cut your toenails or treat the cuticles. They will be nice and soft from the soaking. Now you should rub in a good quality foot lotion into the muscles of your feet.

Edema footwear

For the best care of your feet, you should pay attention to your edema footwear. Two pair of shoes that fit you well and are comfortable enough to wear to work is what you need to have. You should make sure you alternate between the shoes so that they have a good amount of time to dry out in between wearing even by choosing edema slippers. You can reduce the odor on your feet and shoes by wearing socks that are absorbent and using a foot spray deodorant. For any time that you want a little quick relief from your sore aching feet, these sprays are perfect.

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