Black Friday And List of Mega Malls

People Like shopping specially in the months of November and December. Some of the countries celebrate shopping events like Black Friday for the purpose just for the purpose of purchasing more and more items. People like to do shopping and the brands are also taking part in this huge festival which is celebrated most of the countries of the world. The sale is huge on the amount on different category of items and products. Brands try to provide exclusive discounts to the customers. All of the national and international participate in this mega festival. Customers who have to buy the items are also cautious about their turn coming to buy items. They also form queue so that their turn could come early. In America, Black Friday usually comes after the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day.

New South China Mall

New South China Mall is one of the largest shopping malls. It has largest area of area and is located in China. It usually has national and multinational brands. Some of the space is also reserved for being rented out but there are no vendors who are coming to these shopping malls for proper placing of the shops by giving rent or using some other kind of legal technique.

Golden Resources Mall

Golden Resources Mall is another mall of China which has been founded in 2004. It has also remained biggest mall in the world before construction of Golden Resources Mall. 50, 000+ visitors come to the mall from different places in China and also in other places in China.

Central World

Central World is the main shopping mall located in Thailand. This mall has been opened by different kind of visitors ranging from middle class to higher elite class of society for the purpose. Many of the people also approach these kinds of visitors for the purpose of recreation and entertainment.

SM Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia is the primary shopping complex located in Philippines. People also come to watch the movies in this mall. IMAX Theater is installed with having many of the screens. There is also a skating area available which can be taken by. You can also play ice hockey there for the purpose of enjoying when coming to the malls.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world on one single condition which is the total number of area. It has many branded shops which are source of attraction for the main consumers. People like to visit to all of these shops. There is also largest number of shops for the purpose which is 1200+ approximately. There is also very large aquarium and many people come to the world come to see this very large of aquarium. These were some of the biggest mega-malls. You must do shopping from all of this shopping from these mega-malls. Many people are coming in this country for attending latest events with his family and lot of fun and enjoyment.

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